Episode 8 of The Energy Show

Episode 8 of The Energy Show is a dialogue with Ron Urban, owner of Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions. This podcast episode covers what it takes to run a successful solar project and how to avoid the typical mishaps involved to ensure you get as much out of the project as possible. Ron has 35+ years of experience in the solar energy industry and is known for providing the highest quality of services with the utmost transparency. Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions’ mission is to educate clients on the true benefits of solar, and to help them avoid scammers, as Ron notes that the solar energy market has been polluted by these scammers. The conversation takes place surrounding New Jersey, where there are enormous benefits to switching to a solar system as there are still large incentives in place. With proper installation and guidance, a solar project can knock out one of a business’ top operating expenses, and can bring an energy bill to zero in both homes and businesses, proving to be a great investment.

What sets Ron’s method apart is that his “Book of Ron” outlines every step of the process and how it will make you money. While it will probably sound too good to be true at first, a real explanation of each of the steps will prove how you can get your energy bill down to zero and actually create another revenue stream for your business or your property. He also notes that senior living communities are scammed the most, as companies purposely avoid outlining all the benefits and where the investment is going.

In the state of New Jersey, there are great tax benefits to switching, and the system will pay itself off quite quickly. He begins by looking at the building as a whole and examining every machine and possible source of energy. Other companies will subcontract, which ends up costing you double. Ron and his team do a thorough examination and complete the project themselves.

Through interviews with both a farm owner and a residential home owner, the episode details how the switch to solar can be a game changer for both homes and businesses. With education as the cornerstone of high returns, solar energy profits everyone through solar renewable energy credits. On any project, you receive a 30% tax credit right off the top. As time goes on, the energy bill will be reduced to zero, introducing further profit. SRECs are like a penalty to the power company,encouraging all to go green and create more clean energy. SREC checks will be deposited into your account every month, acting as a kind of stock. They money may be coming in without you even noticing it! However, this is only if you buy the system rather than lease. Ron encourages all to be wary of leasing, as leasing companies often take the SREC checks for themselves as a profit.

The switch to solar under Ron’s guidance will undoubtedly save money and improve quality of life in both residential homes and commercial businesses. Ron is dedicated to providing the highest level of service, and he is known to often be onsite for all projects and to use the highest quality materials even though they are more costly to him. The turnaround to this project can be quite quick, often from start to finish within a month. So, whether you are a business owner or are looking to save money on your residential properly, undertaking a solar project is a fantastic investment. Your energy bill can be reduced to nearly zero while the investment pays for itself over time and you find yourself with an additional stream of revenue.

To contact Ron at Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions and learn more about planning a solar project that will save you money and eliminate your electric bill, call (732) 396-8277 or visit https://advancedsolarnj.com/.

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