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Our holistic approach to solar energy solutions benefits our customers in a variety of ways including, but not limited too:

  • Unlike leasing that saves you a small percentage of your electric bill every month, your solar system will drastically reduce or eliminate your electrical consumptionand create an additonal source of revenue
  • Completing all required state/federal government paperwork
  • Can eliminate up to 100% of your electrical consumption
  • Integrating additional programs not related to solar energy
  • Decreasing maintenance costs and net operating expenses
  • Converting buildings into income-producing entities
  • Maximize ROI
  • Could Substantially increase in property value
  • Little or no maintenance costs
  • Protection against future electric rate increases
  • Increased profitabilitly
  • Providing an in-depth education on integrated solar energy solutions.


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Our History

Advanced Solar & Energy Solutions has provided quality service for over 25 years in the electrical contracting and construction industries.

We offer $0 out of pocket financing! Financing your solar could even mean lower mortgage payments. We take care of everything for you. When you own your solar you don’t just save money, you make money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wrong, leasing has no out of pocket cost, but what they don’t tell you is they are putting a 20 year lien on your house, as well as lowering your electric bill only 10-15%. This also means the solar contractor now owns the system, so they reap ALL the financial benefits and tax incentives. Advanced Solar offers financing so there is no out of pocket cost. YOU own the system and the tax benefits, allowing the system to pay itself off within 2-5 years and generate you additional income through electrical savings and incentives.

Leasing companies normally vouch to save you 10-15% on your electric bill every month. When you own, you can generate triple the amount of savings. You will receive rebate checks for up to 15 years when you own your system. Owning your solar equipment not only saves you money but earns you money. After 5 years, your solar system could earn you tens of thousands of dollars.

Each time a solar installation generates 1,000 Kilowatt-hours of electricity, an SREC is earned. Solar project owners report the energy production to the SREC tracking system. This reporting allows SREC’s to be placed in the customer’s electronic account. SRECs can then be sold on the SREC tracking system, providing revenue for the first 15 years of the projects life!

Nope! Panels are built to last and Advanced Solar has the best guarantees in the industry! We are proud to say we did not have a panel out of place after Hurricane Sandy.

When you lease a Solar system, the leasing company puts a 20-30 year lien on your home. If you decide to sell, either you or the new homeowner must pay off the remaining cost of the system at fair market value. When you buy, you pass on your investment and future energy savings directly to the new homeowner, resulting in a raised property value.

The SREC Registration Program (SRP) is used to register the intent to install solar projects in New Jersey. After the registration is accepted, construction is completed, final paperwork has been deemed complete, the project is issued a New Jersey certification number that enables you to now generate NJ SRECS! To learn more about SRECS visit


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