“I realize it has been a number of years since the solar project has been completed at our facility. Thought it was long overdue that I express my appreciation for all you and your company has done for us.

As one who was totally unfamiliar with the clean energy aspect of utilizing solar power as a viable and “business smart” substitute for conventional electricity it has been a very fruitful journey since first encountering you over 5 years ago. Our project was custom designed for our particular building and has proven to meet and even at times exceed your representations as well as my expectations. The quality and caliber of the work represents the highest of standards that every contractor should aspire to. The information and due diligence calculations were accurate based upon the market conditions at the time and have demonstrated the principle of price fluctuation. Regardless, the extended period of time where SREC’s can be traded will allow for adjustment and ultimately help to reimburse the expense. Therefore I have little to regret and would likely make the same decision to greenlight the installation today as I did in 2010.

Given the other benefits associated with a commercial project like ours that were tax advantaged and delivered immediate cost savings at the meter only served to enhance the decision making process. That is, not to mention our contribution in the movement towards going green! Coupled with your post install service and maintenance attention to detail made it a no-brainer. Therefore I would highly recommend your company for consideration by any potential client who may be considering the advantages of whether or not to go solar.

At the end of the day, it’s the man behind the brand that makes it work. You have always delivered and remained proactive when it came to our needs. Thanks again, for all you’ve done and continue to do for us.”

– Jeff Goldstein, CE

“I was in the market for Solar energy and had contacted several companies. Some of these companies were the bigger ones with hundreds of installations within the tri county area. By chance, through the internet, I ran across a company called Advanced Solar & Energy Solutions. I contacted them and set up a meeting. The president of the company Ron Urban came to my house shortly there after and sat down with me. Ron explained everything to me and educated me on how most solar companies operated, and how Advanced Solar operated. He explained the step by step process and the equipment they would install and the way his employees worked. Ron also stated that he would personally be on site as the work progressed. Once the project was started Ron was on site every day and oversaw the entire installation. Ron designed the system for maximum effectiveness and literally relocated venting pipes on my roof to enable more panels as well as a more cosmetic layout. Everything was done to perfection including the inverters and sub panels placed on my home. Ron designed a racking system over my existing deck to accommodate additional panels that now also serves as a outside sitting area enhancing my home and outside area. Not only is the solar system Advanced Solar installed on my roof  effective as to energy generated, it also looks great like it belongs there. Since the system has been on line I have literally cut my electric bills to almost nothing, in fact, if you include the SREC’s that I have received each month I am making money every month without an electric bill. After completing the project several months later Ron Urban contacted me and asked if he could send his workers back over to my home to install track lighting around the racking system he had constructed for night time aesthetics. Not only did they do that which looks great they also painted the wood structure which looks better then it did before. If your seriously interested in purchasing a solar system for your home I sincerely suggest you give Ron Urban at Advanced Solar & Energy Solutions a call”

– Al Paglione

“I have been a professional Engineer and Architect for over 30 years. After extensive research and speaking to many solar contractors, I found the most beneficial way to go solar is to buy. I was hesitant about putting solar on my home and business due to the appearance but Advanced Solar moved all vents and any obstacles on my roof to make my solar system atheistically pleasing. My system was installed about three months after signing my contract with no delays.

Unlike all the other solar companies who told me I could only save a fraction of my bill, my first electric bill was credited and every one after has been $0.00! To my amazement I now have a new source of revenue generated from my solar system. Not only am I making money but the system is paying itself off through state rebates and incentives. Advanced Solar & Energy Solutions has experience in all phases of renewable energy and energy efficiencies. They educated me on the best solutions for my home. I highly recommend Advanced Solar & Energy Solutions for your home or business over any other solar company.”

– Edward Angster


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