Transcription: The Energy Show Episode 1

Ron Urban is a leading expert on solar design and energy efficiency and is the president and founder of Advance Energy Solar Solutions. Ron discusses how a solar system can pay for itself, help you make money and you rid yourself of the burdens of paying huge electricity bills.

Ron attended the Environmental Health Science School and became an electrical contractor. For years, he focused on engineering and electrical contracting on his business. He has worked continuously on designing and building projects. He specializes in finding pieces of property for people, developing the property, going through the planning boards and so on.

Ron enjoys a big reputation is self-storage industry as well but his talents are widespread. He invites corporations, companies, businesses and residences to include him on their projects. He will work on your buildings and if you make Ron, a part of your project in the initial stages before any engineers or architects come in, he’s going to transform your building. The building, with Ron’s special tactics will not only make you more money but also if you use electricity excessively, Ron’s system will end up earning more profit for you.

Ron claims that most of the solar guys in the solar industry these days are merely scammers you could beware of. They pretend to know a lot more than they do about how solar works and rob people off their money. Most of them have no background experience and just fool people for money. They come knocking on people’s doors or pop up in news feeds and social media handles claiming to save money for you big time but really end up robbing you of it.

Ron’s company has authentic and legitimate background in design, building and installation. All of these are vital components of a project. Furthermore, Ron educates people on the differences between a lease and a loan.

A lease may offer you savings of 10% on payments for 20 years but will devalue your property. He believes that a million things could go wrong in a lease contract.

With Ron’s booklets, you can find out how solar works with your savings, your incentives and other aspects to pay the system off in a matter of 3 to 4 years. Another advantage with this would be that in such a residential project, working with Ron would offer you return of 20-25%, you would own the property and see its value increase. You will also be safe from the federal laws increase of property taxes.

Ron strives to provide people an energy and solar option that would keep them safe from all the money eating, pretense solar expertise out in the industry. He shares experiences of people, especially the senior ones including his own mother, who fell victims to such scammers. They ended up paying higher bills a month later with no trace of the scam companies and their workers in sight.


Working with Ron and his company gives you the benefits of zero electricity bills, owning your property and increasing the value of your home. Not just that, with Ron installing the solar system in your property, you would soon start making money from it instead of spending more on it.

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