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Ron Urban is the president and founder of Advance Solar and Energy Solution. He is a leading expert of the nation on solar design and energy efficiency. In a recent episode of the energy show with Ron Urban, he spoke to businesses on how they can utilize the power of the sun to their advantage. He discussed the benefits of solar power. He spoke about how so many people are not benefitting from it currently due to their ignorance.

In his energy show, he focuses on energy and its efficiencies and how businesses and residents alike can make plenty of money using solar. Ron invested over 40 years t research on commercial buildings and all the things he designs and builds in conjunction with electrical systems. All of Ron’s projects, along with his team and his references come with his personal warranty and guarantee. For example, if Ron and his company install a solar system on your roof, he promises to take care of your roof and not harm it in any way.

People often consult Ron on commercial projects, especially commercial roofs that likely cost up to three million dollars. He shows people how he and his team can complete their projects and have all the extra millions return to the within a year. He promises there are no unnecessary delays in the way Ron works which is one the biggest drawbacks otherwise in a solar industry.

Other big companies merely rob and scam people. They do not even hire their own manufacturers and workers and have no clue of where they come from. Their only intention is to fool people with their pretense expertise of solar power and rob them off. When Ron works with commercial customers, especially the bigger ones, he brings his own team of manufacturers.

The reason why Ron offers warranties and guarantees is that he works with topmost companies who are present during the meetings. Those companies participate in the contract making as well as offer the best products and warranties for the projects.

Ron works with Bob’s company that offers 20-year warranties on certain properties. They install solar with guarantees and warrantee panels and are expertise in the electricity, financial and every other aspect of the solar system functionality.

Ron discusses how he incorporates the solar system into his projects, whether they are related to warehouses, businesses or residences. Ron works by making the solar system pay for you project, your roof and then start making money for you.

Ron’s background is in building and design and his specializes in electrical systems. He works with his accountants to help them take away the depreciation. He designs buildings with roofs specially incorporating the solar power system. This way he enables people to get more production out of their roofs. Ron and his team design building by installing more of electricity but making sure all that excess of electricity only earns you and excess profit in the short and long run.

He promises warehouses, businesses, nursing homes, hotels and all others that his company can remove all their burdens of huge electricity bills with solar. He works to make sure that everything is architecturally pleasing for the corporations, is energy efficient and most importantly brings plenty of profitable earning in return.

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