Episode 10 of The Energy Show

Episode 10 covers the incentives to make the switch to solar and emphasizes the importance of acting this year. Through Ron’s Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions, it is possible to eliminate an electric bill and make money from solar and renewable energy credits. Other solar companies can’t do it because they’re in it to make money, and they’re actually driving the price of solar down. They’re not selling solar, but selling financing, and they’re stealing your incentives. An education first approach is the best way for consumers to make the switch to solar. What sets Ron’s method apart is that his “Book of Ron” outlines every step of the process and how it will make you money. While it will probably sound too good to be true at first, a real explanation of each of the steps will prove how you can get your energy bill down to zero and actually create another revenue stream for your business or your property.

This is the year to jump in on a solar project, as the 30% incentive is going to drop next year. The project has to be comp;pleted in order to secure these benefits, but the bigger companies can’t guarantee they’ll get it done this year.

They reiterate once again that leasing is the worst option; the company will scam you and hide the real numbers from you. The Incentives are what make the project truly profitable, but you must have them presented to you transparently before you can act and decide if its the right investment for you.The Book of Ron transparently outlines every step of the process and where your money’s going. Your new system will increase the value of your home when it comes time to sell. Realtors hate leased solar systems, as they come with complicated financing programs that the home owners themselves don’t even understand in the first place. On the contrary, purchased solar systems will increase home’s value. Leased system reduces electricity by 20%, but when it’s tried to sell they try to get you to sign over to the next homeowner.

A final differentiator to help you choose Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions is the added aesthetic value that their solar system will add to your home. These systems can be clunky and unsightly when not installed properly, but their projects are always aesthetically pleasing. The system will blend into the house and will be unnoticable to the uneducated eye. This aesthetic benefit combined with the financial incentives make the project a no brainer; the time to act is now, so don’t hesitate to contact Ron.

Now is clearly the time to act when it comes to choosing and installing a solar system. With Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions, you will be able to eliminate your electric bill and receive a host of benefits, most importantly solar renewable energy credits. While the exact benefits will vary by state, residents of high tax states such as New Jersey are set to benefit the most. While other companies will offer solar services at a lower price, they will use lower quality of materials and cannot guarantee you the maintenance Ron does. In investing in a solar system from Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions, you are making a strong investment in your home and its value that will more than pay off in the long run.

The switch to solar under Ron’s guidance will undoubtedly save money and improve quality of life in both residential homes and commercial businesses. Ron is dedicated to providing the highest level of service, and he is known to often be onsite for all projects and to use the highest quality materials even though they are more costly to him. The turnaround to this project can be quite quick, often from start to finish within a month. So, whether you are a business owner or are looking to save money on your residential properly, undertaking a solar project is a fantastic investment. Your energy bill can be reduced to nearly zero while the investment pays for itself over time and you find yourself with an additional stream of revenue.

To contact Ron at Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions and learn more about planning a solar project that will save you money and eliminate your electric bill, call (732) 396-8277 or visit https://advancedsolarnj.com/.

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