Solar Farms

Solar Farms

Solar Farms from Advanced Solar & Energy Solutions

Are you looking to turn your buildings or open land into income-producing entities? Do you want to create clean energy and make money? A solar farm from Advanced Solar may be your perfect solution! In fact, we can meet your needs for solar farms throughout the entire state of New Jersey. Not only does our experienced and knowledgable team understand all aspects of solar solutions, including structural engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical systems, but we have an in-depth understanding of how to reap the benefits of State and Federal solar incentives. No other New Jersey solar provider brings you the same combination of experience, technology and innovation!


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Why A Solar Farm?

One of the main misconceptions of solar energy is that it is used to power the homes or businesses where it is installed. In actuality, most solar farms are designed to financially compensate for your power needs, rather than actually powering your home. That’s because your solar panels don’t always produce power when you need it. Instead, solar panels allow you to create power and sell it back to the electric utility for others to use. The money you make covers the cost of your utilities and can even help you make a substantial profit. Solar farms provide the added benefit of space, and Advanced Solar can design a system that maximizes output, arranging your panels so they don’t get shaded. Solar farms also enable you to place your solar panels on motorized towers. This allows the panels to move and track the sunlight throughout the day. The result is increased power and increased profit!

As experts in solar farm technology, Advanced Solar can help you substantially increase your property value, maximize your return on investment, protect against future electric rate increases, and provide you with a valuable income earning potential. In fact, we have delivered quality service in the electrical contracting and construction industry for more than 25 years, and we bring this expertise to meet all of your New Jersey solar farm needs. From Hamilton to Middletown, Point Pleasant to Red Bank, Spring Lake to Toms River, wherever you are in NJ, we can provide you with everything from solar farm design and fabrication to installation and maintenance. Whether you are interested in the income earning potential of solar farms or you want to enjoy clean green energy without disrupting the beauty and aesthetic of your home, Advanced Solar has your solution! Contact us today to learn more!

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