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Whether you like to swim laps or kick back on a raft and relax — there is nothing like spending your summer poolside. Unfortunately, our New Jersey summers never last quite as long as we’d like, and heating your pool into the cooler months can be costly. But what if you could extend your pool season, without breaking your budget or increasing your carbon footprint? With Advanced Solar you can! While there are many different types methods and equipment for heating your pool, none can offer you the benefits of solar pool heating. That’s because, after the initial design and installation cost, maintaining and operating your solar pool heat won’t cost you anything. So, you can start your swimming season earlier and end it later, year after year. From Hamilton to Middletown, Point Pleasant to Red Bank, Spring Lake to Toms River, wherever you are in NJ, let Advanced Solar show you how you can turn your pool into a solar pool!


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At Advanced Solar & Energy Solutions, we offer a holistic approach to integrating green technologies into your home or business. Whether you have a small backyard pool or have a large spa oasis at your hotel, we will work with you to understand your solar pool needs and discuss all the available options. Not only does heating your pool with solar energy provide you with a cost-effective way to extend your swimming season, but it also provides a variety of other value-added benefits. These include: a reduction or elimination of your electric bill, protection against future utility rate increases, an increase in the value of your home, and energy independence. In addition, converting to a solar pool also comes with big State and Federal financial incentives. For your greatest return on investment, you need a partner that understands all aspects of solar solutions — you need Advanced Solar. Unlike other providers, we don’t just install solar panels, we work with you to evaluate your needs and provide financially sound decisions. Beware of those “free” solar installers that take all the State and Federal financial incentives for themselves. We will work with you to show you how your solar pool investment can provide you with income earning potential for years to come. Red Bank, Spring Lake or Toms River; Hamilton, Middletown, or Point Pleasant, wherever you are in New Jersey, Advanced Solar has your complete solar pool solution! Contact us today, and let our outstanding team put their decades of knowledge and expertise to work for you!

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