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Announcer (s) : This is going to give you the energy to go on It’s the energy show. I love the energy. Here’s your host, Ron Urban.

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Eric Scott: Welcome to The Energy Show with Ron Urban, founder, and president of Advanced

Solar and Energy Solutions, one of the nation’s leading experts on energy efficiency, solar design, design and build. And again over the next hour, we’re going to tell you how solar should really work and why so many so-called solar companies are just running a scam to essentially steal your money. Solar can be one of the best investments you will ever make in your home. And long before I joined Ron in educating people about solar one right, I was a customer. Ron educated me about everything before I signed anything. He showed me how the system that I bought from Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions would pay for itself and make me money.

 I’m in the middle of another summer with zero electric bill. I used to have a utility bill of $650 a month in my home and that wasn’t even running the air conditioning full blast. My house was set at 74. I was still paying $650 a month. Now my fiancé sets the air conditioning at 68, it doesn’t move and I don’t care because I don’t pay a dime for it. And I get a check every month. Saving money, make money. That’s what Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions can do. And Ron I see it on my Facebook. I see it on my Twitter. I get guys coming to ringing my doorbell, door to door, seems almost every night. I get the Robocalls. I get the telemarketing calls. All of these solar companies are telling me, “Hey, I can save you money.”

Ron Urban : You know, it’s kind of like crazy, especially in a residential end of it because to me, in my head, they are so robbing every single customer out there. You know, I get these crazy things every day after day… By the way, something that’s huge that I do, I hire people. I hire people in the industry and its kind of crazy. Recently we’re were having an employee- a new potential employee came into work for us. Two days later it’s- or the day later, I got a letter from the last guy that he worked for from his attorney. His attorney is going, blasting me that he’s going to come get me. And he wants to see what information he gave. Boom, boom.

First off, I’m old. He must be a millennial [Eric laughs] and by the way, I would like to tell those guys from that company, “You’re wasting your money and your attorney is really jacking you pretty around. But I have to tell you this. I buy, and I sent them in just a little note back I’m sure my attorney would tell me never to do something like this, I personally would never, never practice the business practices of any large solar company. I take pride- people said I’d never make it in this industry when we got into the- I’m a commercial guy, but when I got into the residential, you’re not gonna make a dime because it’s not free. I saw how they were ripping people off and stealing their money. That’s my opinion and I really feel that. And what you’re doing I don’t think is illegal, but I swear it’s truly one of the most unethical things I’ve ever seen in my life.

Eric :  Yeah solar was supposed to work the way that we’re talking about. And unfortunately

what you had as you have a lot of these so-called solar companies show up. Now you have the utility companies that are getting involved and everybody’s coming in and telling you that this is free and it’s going to save you money. In most cases, it’s a leased system, Ron, and what is it that you that your grandmother used to say?

Ron : You know what I thought- I do seminars. What did your father tell you you’re getting for free?

Eric : Right.

Ron : And, by the way, whatever they told you, multiply by 100 when it comes to the solar industry.

Eric : Yeah, yeah.

Ron :  One of the things I love too as people come up to me, “Well I told a solar company about what you said. They said they could sell to me.” I said, “Go ahead and buy it from them. They’re going to rip you off, steal all your money. Now they’re going to it to you.” “We’ll my mother leased it from them.” “Wait a minute. They robbed your mother. [Eric laughs] They did that. Now they’re going to tell you how to buy a system. So do you believe them? By the way, anything that they do, anything, and… you know, this is going to really blow your mind, we don’t- we’re going to teach you how to get your own money.  You keep the ezrack. You’re going to understand what ezrack is. They don’t know. You can get ezrack from whoever you want. They don’t- They’re not going to tell you this.

You know what this, we’re the honest guys. Plus our warranties and guarantees. I get guys challenge me, customers, after customer. “Well, a solar guy told me this.” “Let’s call him up.” I’ve actually challenged a residential customer where I was looking at his commercial property where he wanted to start with three houses. His, his daughter’s, and I believe it was his son. When he was telling me that the top- one of the biggest companies in the state were going over there. Boom boom. He said, “Oh well, they’re giving you exactly what he’s giving you.”  I say, “Really?” I said, “I tell you what. Let’s sit down in your kitchen table. I’ll bet you one of the houses, $50,000 if I ask them five questions that they lied to you.” “Oh no. It’s my son’s friend. He’s like [inaudible 5:08] our body for 100 years. Blah Blah Blah.” Guess what? We call them up. The first question, he says, “You know,  I got 20 years maintenance, correct. [inaudible 5:17]

Eric : Yeah.

Ron : Well you got 20 years of a [monitoring]. I hung up the phone. I said what are you going to do? The problem with the solar industry, especially in a residential end of it. You don’t have a clue what they’re telling you. 99% of the guys, the kids they train to come out there and show you and tell you what it’s been are knocking on your door. Are you kidding me? They’re- what do they know? Zero. They know nothing about the industry. They know nothing about the money- well the big cut… the bosses do. They know they’re just taking you for their money, including the utility companies and everybody else out there.

Eric : Yeah.

Ron : And I just want to go backward. After our last show, I got people calling me. You know, we’re really hoping the show’s going to take off in six months, whatever. But I got people calling, wondering. One of the weirdest things I get, all the time, we’re in radio in New Jersey all the time, is “how could you help me get this off my roof or whatever?”

Eric : Yeah.

Ron : But I want to just say something. The state of New Jersey, the utility company, I’m not only

talking electric companies or lots of them. They have separate companies when we get it. I have a guy call me, sounds like the nicest guy in the world. He just keeps calling me. He says, “You got to come out and look at my system. I did a ground mount system. The other guys don’t do it.” By the way, we’ll build you ground mound. We’ll build you a farm. We’ll build you a shed. We’ll build you a new house if you want, designed all with solar. But the point of the thing is the guy says, “Well I don’t know if I got benefits. I got the ezracks, but don’t know how to get them. Can you come show me how to get them?” I say, “What about your solar company?” “Well, it’s the big utility call me.” “What are you talking about?” The guy told me to come over nine months for them before when he signed a contract to come out.

Listen to me in the solar industry and look what they’re doing. There’s guys now telling you, “You better get your solar on your roof today because after the first of the year, you’re not gonna get the 30% and you’re not going to qualify for your money.” Our normal project from the day we get a deposit on your house is usually a month and a half. We just did a job in Bricktown, New Jersey because the town gave us our paperwork really fast back. Usually, it’s a month. They give it back to us in three weeks. The customer was done, up and running in 3 1/2 weeks. I get complaints that we’re slow. It’s like the biggest joke in the industry. Your systems are done the fastest and, by the way, they are the best installs in the state. I’ll guarantee it. We do commercial installs, not residential.

The reason why I do it: your pipes bigger, your screws are stainless steel, everything is better. You know why? Because I’m giving you maintenance for 20 years. I don’t want to have to go back. They don’t care. They’re out of business. By the way, the giants, they’re probably, I would guess, every 100,000 installs, they got about 68,000 complaints. The biggest complaint is they don’t come back. “Well, I leased it. They got to come back.” Guess what? They make 6, 700% profit on your project. They got 200,000 more. I just got one of the biggest companies out there customers’ told me to fix something for them. I said, “You’re getting me qualified by them because they don’t come out and fix their stuff.” Are you kidding me? You can pick the big guys, go ahead. It’s like going to the utility company and saying, “Here’s my checkbook. Charge me whatever you want.”

Eric : As you can tell Ron is incredibly passionate about this because so much misinformation is out there about the solar industry. So let me tell you now everything that Ron is talking about is in writing. We call it the Book of Ron. He came out and spelled everything out for me. I called 855, Sunny, the number four, the letter U. Website is advancedsolarNJ.com. If anybody is promising that they can save you money before you sign anything, call Ron. Ron will review your lease agreement and tell you where there are problems. And then he’ll show you in writing with the industry’s longest warranties and guarantees how your system is going to pay for itself and then make you money. Don’t fall for the ‘I can save you money’ scam. There are tax incentives right now. Some of them are going to be reduced at the end of the year, Ron. So there is a legitimate reason why you need to call now and get your appointment scheduled and get in the pipeline for this installation. And if you can qualify for a lease, then you’re going to be able to qualify for a loan on your system, but your system isn’t going to pay off.

Ron : So my whole life I’ve been doing commercial installations. I have a customer who’s probably a billionaire. He sent me a copy because I read the leases for commercial properties. I’m not a lawyer, but when I read the lease I kind of like blew my mind. I say, “Well all these commercials saying that you can lease, you can lease it.” If you qualify for a lease, you could qualify for a loan. By the way, most of the solar loans there’s 1.5%, 2%, you think that’s great. When you dig into them, dig around 30%.

Eric : Yeah.

Ron : So they got a different way to rip you off. One of the power companies in New Jersey will give you a loan for 12% and all kinds of other fees and stuff involved. Whether- we would point all this out in our book. Everything is in there. So when people try to tell us, or they show… so far I’ve seen contracts, leases probably from every single company out. The larger companies and when I show people, they can’t believe it. And, by the way, I’m not reducing your electric like a lease. You got a zero electric bill. By the way, when you lease solar, you can’t sell your house! if there’s a lease on there.

Eric : Yeah.

Ron : And what they’re going to tell you when they’re sitting down at your table, they’re going to go like this, “Well I just sign off to the next guy.” Ahhnt. That’s the biggest mistake and you’re not going to get. By the way, when you sell your house, you can’t sell it. My way: you house sell your house, it makes more money from the very minute you put on. If you saved $3,000 last year on the electric, your house is worth $30,000 more. Pretty darn simple.

Eric : Yeah.

Ron : And that’s the way it’s really supposed to work. So if you want to go with those guys, layout no money, whatever he’s telling you, it’s just… to me, it’s the biggest… I just can’t explain to you how it fires me up.

Eric: Yeah. You can hear Ron’s passion for doing solar right. You really can and should be tapping into the power of the sun. Go energy independent. Eliminate your electric bill. Make money. Yes, all of it is possible. If you don’t fall for the scam that’s being perpetrated by some of these leasing companies that are calling you on the phone and knocking on your door. Call 855, Sunny, the number four, the letter U. 855-SUNNY-4-U or visit advancedsolarnj.com to learn more. And different than a lot of these other leasing companies, this system that Ron is going to put on your house is going to look better.

When they installed my system, they moved all of my stacks. They moved all of my vents so that I have a uniform look. It doesn’t look like somebody just stuck Legos on your roof. Get educated about how solar is truly supposed to work. That’s what it is. It’s an education. The Book of Ron is custom-made for you and your home. It’ll show you how your system is going to pay for itself. It’ll show you how you’re going to make money. It’ll show you how you can go truly efficient and energy independent with Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions. 855, S U N N Y, the number four, the letter U or advancedsolarNJ.com. We’re going to talk to some of Ron’s customers, find out what their experiences were, and how you can make money for the sun when we come back on The Energy Show.

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You’re listening to The Energy Show sponsored by Advanced Solar and Energy

Solutions, New Jersey’s leading educator for commercial and residential solar and energy efficiency projects. Talk to them today and see what they can do for you. Call 855, Sunny, the number four, the letter u. That’s 855, S U N N Y, the number four, the letter u or advancedsolarnj.com. Whether you’re remodeling an existing building or building a new facility, Advanced does it all, from design to construction. Call 855-SUNNY-4-U. That’s 855, S U N N Y, the number four, the letter u or advancedsolarnj.com. And if you’re a homeowner, a system from Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions can eliminate your electric bill, increase the value of your home, and make you money. Call 855-SUNNY-4-U. That’s 855, Sunny, the number 4, the letter U or advancedsolarNJ.com. Don’t fall for the leasing scams and free offers so many so-called solar companies are trying to sell you. Only with Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions can you truly unleash the power of the sun. Get educated today. Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions. Call 855-SUNNY-4-U. That’s 855, S U N N Y, the number four, the letter U or advancedsolarNJ.com.

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Eric : On The Energy Show we just dispel the myths and misinformation about going energy independent and truly tapping into the power of the sun. For a homeowner how’d you like zero electric bill? How’d you like to make real money? All of it is possible if you don’t fall for the scam that’s being perpetrated by the so-called solar companies. And Ron, you know, it’s almost like they come out like locusts. They’re knocking on everybody’s door it seems every night saying, “Hey, we can save you money.”

Ron : It’s a shame. It really is that they- I mean they’re just bombarding the industry and I just think it’s terrible what they do to homeowners.

Eric : Yeah and really if homeowners understood, if people really understood the power of the sun, they would understand that that is not the way that solar works. Let’s talk to Steven Clark. Steven, I know you are one of Ron’s customers. Where is your home?

Steven : In Eatontown, New Jersey.

Eric : Alright.  So you’re in Eatontown. And how did you hear about  Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions?

Steven : I looked them up on the Internet and then sent them an email and a Ron came over to the house.

Eric : Were you surprised that the founder and president of this company showed up to meet with you personally?

Steven :  Absolutely. Certainly was. He’s a great guy.

Eric : Yeah and did you do research on residential solar before you either called Ron or before you decided to go with him?

Steven : I had other companies come. Unfortunately, they were all pushing the same thing of leasing.

Eric : And Ron was different from the- from the first time you shook his hand, wasn’t he?

Steven : Absolutely. Gave me information on everything, then showed me the pros and cons. It was really easy. Simple.

Eric :  Yeah and you got a copy of Ron’s big Book of Ron.

Steven : Absolutely.

Eric : Everything is spelled out in that book?

Steven : Everything with no problem and it’s true to the word, what he says. I have to admit.

Eric : Yeah. So did he meet every one of the promises that he spelled out in writing for you?

Steven : Absolutely.

Eric : Yeah.

Steven : In fact, they monitor my system and told me my Internet was having a problem a few months ago.

Eric : [laughs] So, you know, that’s funny. When Ron did a system for me on my home, one of my panels was off. I wouldn’t have known that one of my panels was off. They- I came home one day, they were on my roof. They swapped it out. They said, “Hey, you had a bad panel.” How would I have known that?

Steven : Exactly.

Eric : Yeah. It’s- I mean it’s interesting. And how does it look on your home?

Steven : It’s great. I was able to put mine on the backside, but it’s all uniform. There’s nothing… there’s no ugliness to it. They ran the wire, the piping up the side, so there’s not any ice or anything.

Eric :  Yeah it’s- You can almost tell or I can now. You probably can too now Steven. And when you drive around it. it’s a system that it  Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions did because it doesn’t look like somebody just stuck a bunch of Legos up on top of the roof.

Steven : Yeah, that’s true. We have one in our cul-de-sac that looks that way.

Eric : Yeah, right. Yeah I mean, that’s important. It’s for the aesthetic value. So let’s get down to the real, most important thing, I guess Steven. How’s your electric bill these days?

Steven : Oh I don’t have one. I have to pay a tax to New Jersey. I think it’s $2.34 or something.

Eric : Of course you do. Of course you do. Yeah well that’s- so Ron didn’t save you money off your utility bill, did he?

Steven : Oh no, I’m making money.

Eric : Right, right. So you get all of the ezrack. You get all of that. So let me understand, Steven. You have no electric bill and you’re getting a check for the electricity that you’re generating?

Steven : Exactly. Monthly.

Eric : Monthly, right. So Steven, you know, for the folks that are listening, that are kind of on the fence about this whole thing. and you know it sounds too good to be true, what do you tell them?

Steven : No it isn’t too good to be true. It absolutely works for me and I am I’m a product of it. I’m making a realization of the lease $3,000 a year.

Eric :  Yeah, yeah. I mean that’s a huge cash flow, especially in a high tax state like New Jersey. I don’t know what your property taxes are in Eatontown, but I certainly can use that hope in my town.

Steven :  Absolutely.

Eric :  All right Steven Clark. Thanks very much. Another satisfied customer of Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions. Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us. So, you know, I mean Ron, this is… we talked how many of your educated customers, whether they’re commercial, whether they’re residential saying that yeah I have no electric bill. Zero. No electric bill.

Ron :  You know what? Our customers get the true value of what we do, but if you see, if you heard what Steven said something really important. So if you take a lease or some of these things, if you look at your whole thing, you’re going to save maybe $3,000 in 25 years. He makes $3000 a year. He has a really small system on his house. [inaudible 21:10] But if you multiply that out right there, he made $75,000 off of this house.

Eric : Right. Right.

Ron : Period. He said no electric bill. $75,000.  You guys sell your house, you make a ton of money on it. Period. People say sometimes when I do seminars, “Well I know leasing is really bad, so what if I sell my house and the guy doesn’t want solar on my house?” I hate to tell you this. I shouldn’t even say this on the air. I say, “Tell the guy to go pound salt. You find somebody smart enough to buy a house with no electric bill.”

Eric :  Well and a smart realtor is going to be able to take advantage of that because of the value of your home. My home’s of $30,000. It has been appraised more than $30,000      after the system that I bought from you.

Ron : Residential realtors hate leases. They don’t even want to touch homes. They are shying away from them now. It’s not- you’re only saving you a fraction of your money. It’s real difficult to get off. And, by the way, this is- by the way, if you’re in a lease right now, if you signed up for a lease and they didn’t put this on your house, get out.

Eric : [crosstalk]

Ron : You’re allowed to get out. You’re allowed to get out until the son of a guns, until the day they put the first nail in your room. They can argue with you. They could say anything they want, but get out. By the way, if you don’t buy it from me, buy it from somebody else or just don’t do it. Because you are in big trouble. A lot of people nearest come 5, 10 years from now are exiting our lovely state because our lovely taxes and everything else. But guess what, you’re not going to be able to sell your house. It’s almost like you got double, triple, and you think there’s an exiting tax. That’s the hugest exiting tax you’ll ever face in your life is trying to get that solar off your roof from these monsters. Definitely always buy a system. Buy for me.

Eric : Yeah. Buy it from Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions. 855-SUNNY-4-U. That’s 855, S U N N Y, the number four, the letter u or advancedsolarnj.com. I know it sounds too good to be true, but we just heard from another satisfied, educated customer of Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions. Got the Book of Ron, went over it. It’s spelled out right there. Unlike some of these guys, go with- invite one of these kids into your house when they’re walking around with a clipboard or an iPad trying to talk to you about solar. And ask them to show you what it is that you’re going to make off that system. They won’t be able to do it. They’ll scribble a couple things down. Everything that we’re talking about on The Energy Show from Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions is spelled out in writing. Couple that with among the biggest and longest warranties and guarantees in the business and really it doesn’t make sense not to go solar for your home, Ron.

Ron : I have to tell you that we hire people out of the industry sometimes, especially in a residential end of it. Every salesman cannot believe that we give this book. And they say, “You leave this book with them?” By the way, they walk up and there used to be a piece of paper and they’d scratch numbers all over it. Some of them are still doing it. You’re not gonna have a clue what they’re saying. People show me what they’re looking at. I’ve been designing electric systems and know about electricity for 40 years. I kind of laugh because it means absolutely nothing what they’re giving you. The newest thing I see is they’re all coming with their iPads. I recently had spoke to a homeowner. We did their whole family. It was a cousin. He said his credit wasn’t that great, but the day before they signed up and I think they bought the system.

I kind of- he thinks he bought the system. He told me his wife signed it. And then on the flipside, I say, “Let me see what you signed.” He says, “I’m not allowed to show it to you.” I said ”What do you mean you’re not allowed? He goes, “Well I don’t have it, but don’t think I’m not the smartest guy in the world because I remember exactly what the guy said.” I said, “Well tell me what he said.” He goes, “No. You don’t understand. I didn’t lease it. I bought it.” “So tell me what he said” He goes, “My electric. I have a budget of $147 a month for the first 12 years. My system’s only gonna cost $390 a month. In the next eight years, it’s only gonna cost, I think he said 320 a month. I mean, you got to be kidding me. They stole his incentives. He bought it. By the way, he’s going to own the system. So they stole the system. It’s like a new-fangled lease and the guy doesn’t have a great credit score.

He’s now in debt, everything. People asked me, homeowners ask me and my guys all the time, what are the payments and we’re gonna show you we’re to show you a black and white, you do not have payments. The solar incentives. There’s no electric bill. Everything else will pay your system off and if you need to take a loan, they’ll see a section of my book. Even paying a loan off, you always, year after year, you’re going to have positive cash flow. The big companies don’t want to know this. They don’t do this. They don’t show you this. So the more electricity you use, the better it is for you and really important. So I want every homeowner to understand this, get your own money. No solar contractor or developer will tell you what I’m telling you because they’re ripping you off on your loans. They are stealing your [ezracks,] including the power companies.

Eric : Yeah it’s, you know, those are the types of programs that really cost you money as a homeowner. Now I’m almost four years into the solar system that I bought from Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions and Ron showed me in my book how that system was going to pay for itself. I didn’t have $50,000 in cash. I did take out a loan. That loan will be paid off and then everything is profit in my pocket. And that’s- the amount of money that you make, that’s a new car. That’s a tuition payment. That’s additional money into your retirement fund. That’s money that really goes in your pocket to offset New Jersey’s high property taxes. It’s real money. This isn’t something that is just money on paper. You get a check or in my case a deposit right into my bank account. It’s real money, Ron.

Ron : You know one of the craziest things, I was never involved in a residential market. I called Eric one day. I said, “I can’t believe this. People don’t even ask me how much this stuff costs, how much money do I got to put down. I hate to say this. And there’s probably 50 million commercials out there, no money down. I’d start to realize really what you’re looking for. They’re looking for you. They have you marked. I mean, you should be making money, not losing money on what you’re doing. You know, in reality, if you take a loan out it is no money down and it’s gonna pay. It’s gonna pay every penny off. You don’t have payments. You’re going to- It’s going to pay itself off if you take the time to look at the book, understand it. If you don’t understand it, give it to your accountant.

You know how those guys sit there. They sit there and check your credit score and sit there for 2 1/2 hours for you to sign something. We’re not asking you to do that. We got other things to do. You know what? We want you to take a look at it. Show it to your account. If you’re comfortable, call us up and we’ll sign you up. They’re there pushing you, pressuring you, knocking on your doors, calling every three seconds. It’s insane. They’re doing it for a reason. They’re getting so much money off of this and then they’re gone. The mid-size guys are doing this. That- this month coming up every one of my sales guys, educators, out there is going through the New Jersey home energy, one the clean programs which talks about insulation. Talks about your heating systems and everything else.

We don’t do that, but we’re gonna tell you what we think you should do at your house too. Has nothing to do with us. We really like what we do. We want to educate people on everything, everything about it. And how you really make money, how you can incorporate and stuff. I have nothing to do with it. My company doesn’t make money off of it on the residential end of it. We’re just trying to help you and show you what’s out there and educate you, so your house becomes an energy producer and making you money.

Eric :  Yeah it’s really about the education. You owe it to yourself just call. Call and get educated. 855, SUNNY, the number four, the letter u. 855-SUNNY-4-U or advancedsolarNJ.com. Are you convinced yet? We’re gonna talk to another one of Ron’s customers and find out what their experience was with Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions when we come back on The Energy Show.

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This is Eric Scott. When I started researching clean, green, renewable energy it was solar for my home. I got the fax. I got educated I got one of the most lucrative investments on my home. I got Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions, a New Jersey-based company with some of the longest warranties, guarantees, and maintenance in the industry. I got the Book of Ron. You can too. It’s solar, fully disclosed. Call 855-SUNNY-4-U. 855, SUNNY, the number four, the letter U and advancedsolarNJ.com.

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Eric : Welcome back to The Energy Show where we are continuing to educate you and dispel the myths and misinformation about going energy independent and tapping into the power of the sun. If someone is promising that they can reduce your electric bill, beware. Chances are it’s a scam. If you do solar right for your home, you will not only eliminate your electric bill, but you will make real money off the power of the sun. How do you get educated? You talk to Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions. Call 855-SUNNY-4-U. That’s 855, SUNNY, the number four, the letter U or advancedsolarNJ.com. And if you happen to have signed a lease agreement and they have not put a panel on your house yet, you still have an opportunity to get out of it. If you have a pending lease agreement, give Ron Urban from Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions a call and let him take a look at that. He’ll tell you where you’re being scammed because solar really, Ron, should make people money, not cost them money in the long run. Some people have signed these lease agreements wind up paying more for their utilities.

Ron : It’s just a really good investment if you understand how it works, and get educated on the way solar is really designed.

Eric : Well, I mean, we’ve been talking to a lot of your satisfied customers. Let’s talk to David Cole, who had his system installed on his home on Long Beach Island, New Jersey. David, thanks for joining us on The Energy Show.

David : Sure, glad to help out.

Eric : So David, how did you first become aware of Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions?

David : Well I heard the ad on the radio, believe it or not.

Eric : Okay.

David : And I was building a new house and I had- I knew I had a good sudden exposure, so I called a few different solar people to come and talk to me. But by far Ron was the most knowledgeable and the most credible person I spoke with. And I was very happy that I went with him.

Eric : So the president and founder of Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions, Ron Urban came out and met with you personally.

David : Absolutely. He came to my house. He spent quite a bit of time with me explaining everything because I wasn’t really that knowledgeable on it. And you know what? Everything he said actually did come true and more. I think the system is actually making more power than we had originally thought it would.

Eric : Right. And that was it in a similar to the experience- because, you know, long before Ron and I started educating people on solar, I was a customer and he overproduced on what he said that my system was going to produce and it sounds, David like he did the same thing for you.

David : Yeah absolutely. You know, it was sized, you know, to do a certain out of power and it’s actually making more than that probably because I have a little bit better- you know, you always go I guess a little bit conservative than the amount of sun I get on the roof, the base, you know, on where we put the top panels. It’s excellent.

Eric : So David what is your electricity bill every month?

David : Why- Believe it or not, this is a new house. I’ve never had an electric bill.


David : I have not. I have a credit with the electric company.

Eric : Yup.

David : Which isn’t, you know, should be more, but they really- what they do, the electric company is they give you like a wholesale credit per kilowatt.

Eric : Yeah.

David : So it’s not nearly what they would charge you. I mean, I don’t have the bills in front of me, but I’ve never had a bill. I have a negative bill, but really and, you know, Ron is really the best to explain how this works, but yeah. The best piece of it the solar renewable energy credit.

Eric : Yes, right. Yup.

David : I get each month and you know, he said I’d get money each month and I do. It just goes automatically into my bank account. It averages about $300 a month. So not only do I not have an electric bill, I’m making about $300 a month. So the whole system will be paid, I figure it will be paid off in about five years, but technically my savings are quite a bit more than it alone would cost if I had put it- if I had taken out a loan to actually build it.

Eric : So you… How long have you had this home?

David : This is my third summer.

Eric : Right. So your third- so you and I probably had our installs done about that about the same time. I have a zero electric bill. You’ve never had an electric bill. You get $300 a month about deposited into your bank account. Positive cash flow from day one. Everything that we have been talking about when you first heard that that was even possible, did you think it was too good to be true?

David : Yeah, I really wanted to do it because I would like to, you know, if I can save energy, I wanted to do it for that purpose. I’ve been-

Eric : Sure.

David : I’ve been more than, you know, it’s been… the fact that I can actually make money on has just been a big plus for me.

Eric : Yeah, you know, it’s- you have the advantage of being able to go green. You reduce your carbon footprint. You do your bit for the environment and hey if you make some money at the same time, that’s a… what do they call it? A win-win-win for everybody.

David : Absolutely. In fact, my next, you know, I want to get it an electric car pretty soon because I’ll be zero for the fuel for it.

Eric : There you go. Yeah I mean, it all is a circle of life where you know you’re really making money and this David is how solar is supposed to work and now with your experience with Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions, when you hear about all these other lease programs or somebody calls you or you see it on social media, what do you think about that?

David : I just tell them I already have solar energy, thank you. But I wouldn’t- I never really considered… I had done enough research on the way that leasing works that I would never do that. I don’t like the fact that they were telling me how much you’re going to reduce my energy bill and it was all- it was very secretive with what they actually do. Because I did talk to one person about it, but I never really considered it.

Eric : And you got your big Book of Ron. Ron spelled everything out in writing in your book?

David : Absolutely.

Eric : Yeah.

David : -the insulation was, you know, very neat and done quickly, on time.

Eric : David Cole. Long Beach Island. Another satisfied customer, educated consumer from Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions. David, thank you very much for sharing your experience with Ron and his team with us on The Energy Show

Ron : Thank you, David.

David : You’re welcome.

Eric : Yeah it is it really is amazing, Ron, when you know we talk to customer after customer after customer. And you know, so many of them said, “Yeah it kind of sounded to be too good to be true,” “Yeah I finally called,” “Yeah I kind of got the book,” “Yeah I looked at it.” And then you hear people like David say, “Well I’ve never had an electric bill and they put money in my bank account every month. How about that?

Ron : By the way, I felt good. I can’t remember him. He’s got- We have a lot of customers. How long he’s had his system. It’s been three years, brand new home, beautiful home in LBI. Nice big home. Gorgeous and he’s got no bill. It just makes me… I get tingly all over. I just honest to God I think it’s one of the greatest investments you could get. By the way, David mentioned something else. We meet people all the time, they’re telling me they’re getting an electric car. So you have to produce your energy to show the power company, we do engineers reports. We’ll do an analysis about how much gas they’re using to how much electricity. One thing that kind of cracks up is “Oh I got an electric car. I don’t have to pay for gas.” Well there goes your electric bill. So when we design a system from you, not only will we design your system for your current power, long as you have the car, we’ll design it to cover that whole bill. So now you have zero electric, zero gas bill. So if I take your gas bill, you got to think about this. These other guys telling you, you got to wait or you got to do this. And let me take one other step backward. We’re knowledgeable and all, when a solar electrician most of them can’t put a light switch in.

Eric : Right.

Ron : They’re trained to put this box in your house and they can’t do it. We look at it. we do the engineering, the calculations. We’ll put the- we’ll install your car charger for you. We’ll make it all and so you get it. But my point is this, so if you were using $3,000 a year for gasoline, this is really important for people to understand how great your solar system is. It’s usually a few KW more we put on your roof to cover for you at that additional electric. But in reality, we should be putting that $3,000 back into where we’re showing you how your payback is. By the way, I’d put the $3000 in there for 25 years. Period. Guess what? that’s $3,000 as gas goes up over the years should go up. so that customer, if David was talking about $3,300, I think was around $80 or $90,000 of systems is, but if you added your car on there, so the more electricity that you use the more money you’re going to make.

The return stays the same. I talk to farmers. I talk to people all the time. When I talk to farmers, they have a lot of land. They have a lot of nice projects. Unfortunately, where they live they can’t get natural gas. A lot of them have propane. Propane is extremely expensive. So we look at their job, they tell us their electric bill. So we go out to their house and electric bill was… whatever, but their system cost is… say $50,000. This is what kind of blows people’s minds when we show them something. So if that former now can convert his home to electric, all-electric. electric is the most efficient heat you could buy. It’s also the most expensive because of the transmission lines of that power coming into your home.

So now I gave him a triple heart attack. His whole system is now going to cost $150,000. you are nuts. This is insane. Where this is crazy money. Guess what? So in his first page, before we even talked doing, adding additional electricity or whatever, his cost was $50,000. He was getting all of his money back between year five and six or four and five, whatever it was. And his return was 22, 25% whatever it is. If it if now we change his system to $150,000 his return is exactly the same. His payback is exactly the same. The only little inkling of a bonus that he’s going to get that system in 25 years would’ve made him $150,000 now makes him $450,000. So when my customers see how solar really works and they explain about your electricity. By the way, the solar guys don’t even know about solar. they going to explain to you about energy efficiencies or whatever. It’s not uncommon that I go to somebody’s house and they got some crazy bill. Guess what? we help them fix the bill to lower their electricity because there was something wrong with one of their appliances something in their house and then we give him the solar.

Do you think a solar contractor would do that or have the knowledge to do that or try to help you or is he just going to try to charge you more? Period. So it’s an investment. It’s such a great investment. I’m really happy to hear I have customer after customer. You know, I hear customers, even Eric, and other people. they always come back to me and say you know what we made more money than it in your book. And let me tell you the reason why because you don’t know what you’re looking at those. There are damn escalators and [everythings]. There are damn different rates of electricity how it goes up. They’re telling you you get more back in your incentives. All that stuff that they’re normally lying or they’re way over the board. I’m actually under the board so I’m conservative. I can’t control all of it but I try to give my customers a good conservative price. So when they come back they’re making more on their projects. they all come back to me, “ Oh your book was wrong.”  Guess what? I made more money. And by the way, that’s what I want to hear.

Eric : You can see how important it is for you to get educated. If you’ve got a lease agreement

and you’re thinking about signing it. Call Ron first. Let him take a look at it and then let him educate you about how solar is supposed to work. Call 855-SUNNY-4-U, 855, SUNNY, the number four, the letter U or visit advancedsolarenergynj.com. Tap into the power of the sun. Eliminate your electric bill. Make real money. Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions. 855-SUNNY-4-U and yes, it’s great for the environment. We’ll talk more about that when we come back on The Energy Show.

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You’re listening to The Energy Show sponsored by Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions, New Jersey’s leading educator for commercial and residential solar and energy efficiency projects. Talk to them today to see what they can do for you. Call 855, sunny, the number four, the letter U. That’s 855, S U N N Y, the number four, the letter U or advancedsolarNJ.com. Whether you’re remodeling an existing building or building a new facility, Advanced does it all. From design to construction. Call 855-SUNNY-4-U. That’s 855, S U N N Y, the number four, the letter u or advancedsolarnj.com. And if you’re a homeowner, a system from Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions can eliminate your electric bill, increase the value of your home, and make you money. Call 855-SUNNY-4-U. That’s 855, Sunny, the number 4, the letter U or advancedsolarNJ.com. Don’t fall for the leasing scams and free offers so many so-called solar companies are trying to sell you. Only with Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions can you truly unleash the power of the sun. Get educated today. Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions. Call 855-SUNNY-4-U. That’s 855, S U N N Y, the number four, the letter U or advancedsolarNJ.com.

Eric : We’re back on The Energy Show with Ron Urban, founder, and president of Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions as we continue to dispel the myths and misinformation about really going energy independent, tapping into the power of the sun. And we’re not talking about saving you money. If you noticed this entire hour we talked about doing two things eliminating your electric bill and making you real money. That’s how solar supposed to work. Call 855, SUNNY, the number four, the letter U or visit advancedsolarNJ.com. Alright so when we were talking to another satisfied Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions customer, David Cole, who put a great system on his home in LBI. Never had an electrical bill. brand new house. David never had an electric bill and he gets $300 in his bank account every month. That’s how it’s supposed to work, but it is good for the environment Ron. And we haven’t talked a whole lot about that. We’ve been focused on the money, but it truly- it takes you- it reduces your carbon footprint. It helps you go green. Talk about the environmental benefits

Ron : So one thing I’d like to talk about and how this industry kind of involved is like when the government wants something they’re gonna give it away. And they’re still not giving it away in my point of view. But if you really research that solar guys don’t really look it into the grants and read hundreds of pages, you know, and all of this which we didn’t in the very beginning. I had an accountant and engineer. But one of the things we kind of got out of the system and how everybody is getting robbed, is that the government wants clean, green, renewable energy. Which is pretty cool stuff it really does help the environment.

By the way, solar companies can never cover all of our electricity. They’re telling you that’s not true. but one things that I saw in the writings in the solar and if this is correct or this is how I perceive what happened in this industry, why it took it to such a bad curb, it’s a good thing that the environ- the government did. On the flipside, the big guys got it. So if you could afford solar, you could put it on your house and get all these incentives and all this money and it makes you money and how great is. they also put something in there and I kind of… I can’t remember exactly how they worded it, but if your neighbor wanted solar and they couldn’t afford it but they kind of- their train of thought which was really good, I think for the country, is that you could invest in it and you could take the incentives and they ended up with free electric and you’re got a clean environment. That’s what the big giants took, grabbed, and are robbing people with.

In my head, robbing. I don’t care what they say. By the way, if they ever want to come after me, please call into the show. I’m happy to talk to you. On the flipside I’d like to have some of the seniors that call me that are crying to get this off the roof. You know I hate to say this but it’s- and people tell me they rob seniors. I just… this is the reason why the residential solar. It doesn’t tickle my fancy a bit, but if I could help people. and this is like, for me, a way to help people. Right now talking to you is helping you and educating you.

Eric : Yeah, make sure that you get educated. Look if you have parents that are thinking about going solar because they can save some money, please don’t let them do that or call Ron first at 855-SUNNY-4-U. 855, sunny, the number four, the letter U. Let Ron take a look at that lease agreement and he’ll tell you what it’s all about. in terms of the environment when Ron puts a system and he’s going to give you an app for your phone which is going to show you what electricity you are generating and it’ll monitor it, you can see it in real-time what you’re producing. And then compare it day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, and one of the things is it shows you what was the environmental impact. So the system that I’ve had on my house has saved already over 66,000 pounds of CO2 emissions and the equivalent of almost 1700 trees planted.

That’s the environmental impact. You can see that in real-time on your phone on an app and you’ll notice even on a cloudy day, even on a cloudy day you’re still generating electricity. In the wintertime, still generating electricity. Still making money. That’s the advantage of a system from Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions. Get yourself educated and call 855-SUNNY-4-U. 855, Sunny, the number four, the letter U or visit advancedsolarNJ.com. In the last winter Ron when it was just brutally cold and. And it was overcast and we had a bunch of, you know, really snowy days I was still logging onto the app on my phone and I was still generating electricity. Even on the greatest day I’m still generating some electricity.

Ron : So solar, people think they know about it.  Kind of cracks me up whether I go into a commercial project or to a residential techy and they tell me they know everything about solar. There are people I end up having to sit there for 2 1/2 hours with them. “I didn’t know that I didn’t know that’s the way it works.” So something that’s kind of interesting to know is the solar is based on, the programs that generate your cost and everything else your savings, and now you’re gonna make money is over 20 years of weather. So people will call up when we get complaints every now and then someone will call us up and say we had three months of pure clouds out and we paid an electric bill. You will. By the way, if I put solar on your house today in the middle of this heatwave next month when I turn you on, you’re going to pay a bill. but what people don’t understand is how solar really works. If your bill for the whole year was $3,000. At the end of, the end of the 12 months, we’re gonna wipe out $3000.

So it’s designed to wipe out your bill and it’s based in way the power companies do it in the United States. It’s based on the last 12 years, 12 months of your consumption, and that’s how they calculate a project. Every now and then I’m going get a complaint. A customer will call us. This is kind of common with us. Other guys have all these crazy complaints. The system doesn’t work, that doesn’t work. They’ll call me and say, “My bills not zero.” We’ll go and look at their house. All of our all of our equipment is working. by the way, normally we go and look at the house within 24 hours. So we go out and look at their house and we find everything seems to be working right. “Did you guys do anything?” “Well, we used to keep our air-conditioning at 80, now we keep it at 66. We added electric heat in my mother’s room.” If you drive up your electric bill, you’re going to get a cost. You know it’s because it’s different than the year before. the power company is paying you retail up until what your last year’s production was.

Eric : Right.

Ron : So people find it real confusing. How do you make money and everything else. That’s why we like to sit down with our book. You make tons of money on the system. And it’s made, it’s really made- it’s a really great investment.

Eric : It is the best investment that I have ever made in my home. And again I’m looking at my app now and looking at month over month, year over year. There’s some fluctuation, but every year I’m ending with about the same generation and I will tell you that it is about 2 1/2 megawatts more than what was promised in my Book of Ron. I’m making more electricity than you told me I would.

Ron : That was a correction, 2 1/2 kilowatts.

Eric : Oh I’m sorry. Kilowatts.

Ron : But it’s all good. So yeah I get this all the time. I made more money than you told me. First off, you didn’t believe me when I went out there.

Eric : [Laughs]

Ron : Or one of my guys went out there and they’re telling you and they’re calling us 1000 times. But the book will prove itself. And, by the way, I did make it conservative. I don’t want to be crazy where it’s not going to be there. I intend to be in business for next 20, 30 years too. So it’s kind of different. By the way, talking about solar one thing that’s kind of important in understanding the industry is maintenance. They don’t come out and fix it. even if they tell you they do.

 Eric : Yep

 Ron : So once we get a system up and running we usually monitor for two months. We see if there’s anything wrong. Usually, if there’s anything wrong, it’s human error. I’m telling you right from the horse’s mouth… we go correct it and then we give you the monitor. 99% of the time and we check the monitoring. We have customers all the time something might go wrong or something they’re kind of amazed. Even techies that we came out before that. Recently, this is real recently. It was as much as this week. We did a system for somebody, a ground mount system. beautiful area. Maybe four or five years. I don’t remember how long ago it was, we looked at it. One of his inverters was not working. We called him immediately.

He couldn’t believe that we beat him to talking to him. We went out there we checked. And this is the way the solar system warranties and guarantees work. Everyone needs to know this and this is why there’s something wrong with me. So we went out and looked at his system. One of his inverters were shot. we have to call the manufacturer. he’s got to give us the OK. Then they send us a new inverter or reconditioned inverter to replace it. That’s how the industry works. By the way, that was 3 1/2 weeks ago right now. The inverter hasn’t come in. The next day I went and bought him brand new inverter. And I put it in. I ate that cost. I’ll never get it back. The used inverter I can’t put on somebody’s house. Normally I’ll donate to a vet or something and do a system for them. that’s how I work my business. People don’t lose it. If they’re a different company it could be three or four months before they send it. Three or four weeks whatever. But that’s money to you. My customers look at every penny.

They call me all the time. Everything that we do is fully disclosed that you could look at it. I’m just not only talking about monitoring, permitting, how this stuff comes to you. A lot of companies- my favorite one is this if anyone out there have solar, “All the solar companies said the power companies hold them up.” Guess what? They didn’t do the paperwork right. They didn’t get it on time. it’s always them. the power company is on a mark. They do everything really well. So with the permitting and everything else, you got to go through three permitting processes and we do it all for you.

Eric : Well and you can see with Ron, it is a passion. It is a passion. He doesn’t want you to be ripped off. Call 855-SUNNY-4-U. 855 sunny, the number four, the letter U or visit advancedsolarNJ.com. Get yourself educated. Before you sign any lease agreement, call Ron. He’ll take a look at it for you. He’ll educate you. He’ll show you how you can eliminate electric bill and make real off the sun 855-SUNNY-4-U or advance solarNJ.com. Thank you again for listening to the energy show.

Ron : Thank you.

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