Episode 11 of The Energy Show

True and profitable energy efficiency should be an essential part of the complete design of a home, not an afterthought. Given that solar incentives are getting reduced at the end of the year, the time to act is now to maximise the return to your investment of a solar system. With a properly designed solar project, a homeowner or business owner can eliminate their electric bill and create a new stream of revenue for the hefty benefits that the government is offering on solar projects. What sets Ron’s method apart is that his “Book of Ron” outlines every step of the process and how it will make you money. While it will probably sound too good to be true at first, a real explanation of each of the steps will prove how you can get your energy bill down to zero and actually create another revenue stream for your business or your property.

Contractors can be tricky when it comes to solar, as many don’t truly know what they’re doing. Solar energy renovations as we know them today began in 2003, so it is essential not to trust anyone who says they’ve been in the business longer than that. Ron at ASES will go from the top of your building on the roof and go all the way down to the heating and cooling system. Investing in a roof may add to the initial project upfront, but absolutely pays off in the long run as you aren’t continually paying for repairs.

Ron offers seminars this year for businesses and homeowners to educate yourself at advancedsolarnj.com.  Education is the first step to a great project, as other contractors and leasing companies will not be as transparent with you and you are likely not to realize the full extent of your benefits. All ASES projects are certified and backed up by the manufacturers, giving you an extra layer of protection in case anything were to happen. Other companies cannot give you this warranty of guarantee that they will fix anything that goes wrong in the next decade.

When you invest in a solar system, your home value goes exponentially. Ron explains that the solar system increases your property value with a ten times multiplier. So, when it comes to sell you’ll undoubtedly reap the benefits of this initial investment. Furthermore, eliminating energy costs will leave you with more money to invest back into your business, so this is a win win situation for absolutely everybody.

If you are still not sold, give Ron at Advanced Solar and Energy Systems a call. He will dispel any concerns you have and outline how he and the system will be able to make you money.

To contact Ron at Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions and learn more about planning a solar project that will save you money and eliminate your electric bill, call (732) 396-8277 or visit https://advancedsolarnj.com/.

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