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Advanced Solar & Energy Solutions offers a variety of financing options and will work directly with you or your company to determine which option is best for you! 


With promotional financing from ADVANCED SOLAR ENERGY SOLUTIONS, major purchases don’t have to wait.* Get what you want now and pay over time.

See if you qualify for financing through Mosaic for your home improvement project. After which, one of our Advanced Solar & Energy Solutions representatives will reach out and discuss your project with you.

Subject to credit approval.


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Benefits of Installing a Renewable Energy System through ASES:

  • 30% Investment Tax Credit
  • Provides 15 years of SREC income on capital expenditure.
  • Short payback period; typically 3 to 4 years.
  • Substantial increase in property value.
  • No increase in real estate taxes attributable to improvements.
  • Provides a secure, low risk, 15%-30% return on investment.
  • Little or no maintenance costs.
  • Protection against future electric rate increases.
  • Reduction in operating expenses.
  • Increased profitability.
  • Benefit from accelerated depreciation rules (5 years)
  • Variable cost converted to fixed, simplifying budgets and projections.
  • Attract and retain tenants with electric incentives.
  • Minimum increase in property liability insurance.
  • Improves public persona.
Financial Incentives:
NJ State- New Jersey property owners can get a property tax exemption for 100 percent of the value of their renewable energy system. Also, NJ waives sales tax for solar panels and provides other rebates & incentives to residential & commercial properties that purchase renewable energy systems. Federal- The federal rebate is 30% off the cost of the system* *Start Date 01/01/2006-12/31/2016 To learn more about Federal incentives visit:

Experience the maximum return on your investment!

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