Episode 9 of The Energy Show

Episode 9 features another conversation with Ron Urban, the owner of Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions. This podcast covers how solar projects should really work for business owners to eliminate utility bills and create another stream of revenue, as well as why ASES is the “Rolls Royce” of the solar industry. Ron has been in the business for almost 40 years, and is the best in the industry, taking pride in and giving specified attention to every single project that comes through the company. What sets Ron’s method apart is that his “Book of Ron” outlines every step of the process and how it will make you money. While it will probably sound too good to be true at first, a real explanation of each of the steps will prove how you can get your energy bill down to zero and actually create another revenue stream for your business or your property.He tackles projects as a whole and guarantees full transparency and 20 years of maintenance, whereas other companies will try to ease you into leasing and saving benefits for themselves. Ron’s approach is different. He redesigns heating, brings in mechanical engineers, and this is why many people can’t understand where he gets his knowledge from. In order to get the best deal, he goes right to the manufacturers and gets their team to help in design as well. You save more this way. Solar can’t be intertwined with heating or cooling, but accountants can eliminate the natural gas.

It’s more important than ever to act now, as Ron stresses the importance of jumping on the solar bandwagon before it’s too late. In this coming year, the incentive program’s benefits are expected to shrink, so the time to act is right now. Eventually, solar is going to be forced upon just about everybody. At that point, when it’s required, you’ll lose out on benefits from incentive programs and the SRECs. In CA, every new home has to have solar. The most important part is reducing carbon footprint and eliminating bills.

The guaranteed quality of service and maintenance is the other draw to Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions. Maintenance is included for 20 years, whereas other companies just say they will monitor, leaving major expenses left to the homeowner. One shares a story of working with Ron, and he fixed a panel on the roof before the homeowner even realized that something was wrong. Ron dedicates himself to actually doing the maintenance himself, setting himself apart and earning ASES the title of the . “Rolls Royce of the industry”

Homeowners are running out of time to take advantage of government incentives. The incentives are decreasing this year, so if you are a homeowner, you want your system done this year. Getting permits can also take a little while, so that is another factor to take into account. ASES will put your permit in with the town within a week, whereas other companies can take a month. In order to maximize your potential benefits, it’s best to give Ron a call today and get started on your project as soon as possible.

To contact Ron at Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions and learn more about planning a solar project that will save you money and eliminate your electric bill, call (732) 396-8277 or visit https://advancedsolarnj.com/.

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