Advanced Solar

Ron Urban is the founder and president of Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions. His mission is to educate people on the true workings of a solar system and how scammers are contaminating a major part of the solar industry. Solar has multiple benefits regardless of what type of business one owns or which industry you are a part of.

Ron’s Background

Ron’s background in commercial design is a huge advantage for his customers in plenteous ways. He saves you from companies that come knocking on your door, promising to save you money but only end up ripping you of the precious little you have. Ron and his company offer to either remodel or rebuild your business to allow you to enjoy the maximum of all incentives.

An important factor in reducing the size of installation is the type of building tools you employ. This is a factor that most companies choose to overlook because their only goal is to install your solar quickly, rip off your money and run.

Ron works eliminate your gas and electric payments and offer complete services in handling your project. Ron and his team lay out all the odds and evens, all the pros and cons on the table for you with absolutely no pressure to buy. Furthermore, once your project is complete you will encounter no mess in your homes, another plus you most definitely don’t get with the scam companies.

Making Money with Solar

The state of New Jersey offers huge tax advantages for solar businesses. What happens as a result is that most big and small sized businesses involve their accountants to spell out the benefits of including solar in the business, whether they possess any expertise in it or not. The accountants naturally approve because the benefits are humongous and operating expenses next to zero.

Solar is an ideal option if you own your own home or a business because of the different tax incentives. This means that if you invest in a project, whether $10,000 or $10 million, you end up getting a 30% from the entire project, granted by the federal government. It also means that your electricity bill reduces to 99% and you save a minimum of $3000 at least in a year.

Know What You Have Not been Told Before

One other important point to bear in mind is that most solar companies do not inform you about the Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC) as the incentives are called. These have the option of being deposited directly into your accounts. The checks continue to come in and this is one other way in which solar increases your revenue.

Based on some real life raving reviews, people have claimed that their electricity bills have almost zeroed out with air-conditioned fans running constantly, machines in operation and no compromise on electricity usage. Not only are people saving up money from not having to pay the huge electricity bills anymore but they are also generating more revenue from the tax incentives of the solar industry.

You can now make as many updates as you want and bring in newer machines without worrying about paying a dime.

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