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Spring Lake, Toms River NJ, Solar energy is a green and renewable energy source that can save you money

There are many benefits to solar energy including important environmental considerations. The world is crying out for renewable energy sources and the sun certainly is a true form or renewable energy. To learn more about the benefits of solar energy in New Jersey you should speak to the experts at Advanced Solar.

The first benefit is savings. Adding solar panels to your home, business or facility will save money on electricity bills. There are also special programs such as pay-as-you-go available that enable you to go solar without having to spend a lot of money upfront. However you can save more money and get a greater return on investment if you purchase and own your own solar panels. You can even finance your solar purchase with a home equity loan or mortgage. Generally the payback period is relatively short (5 – 10 years). S

Solar panels increase the value of your home as it represents a capital investment. In a similar way that homes with lower property taxes have an appeal, homes with solar panels will also appeal to a broad range of buyers.
There are also certain incentives such as Federal Solar Tax Credits that make it even more attractive to invest in solar energy. Other incentives such as Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) make investment in solar panels even more attractive.

Solar panels also generally have a long performance guarantee sometimes up to 25 years. Another powerful reason to invest in solar energy is that there are great benefits to the environment. Solar panels tap into a renewable energy source and also help to lower carbon. dioxide emissions which in turn will help to slow down global warming. Global warming is regarded as a threat to humankind.
Advanced Solar is green building systems developer and they can assist you with energy efficiency solutions.


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