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Solar Facts about Solar farms in NJ

Solar fact: Energy from a solar farm feeds into the main grid

Energy is a hot topic and these days you will hear more and more about renewable energy sources, clean energy sources, climate change, solar power, solar farms and related topics. Before we discuss the topic of a solar farm is is probably a good idea to consider some solar facts. We all depend on a large degree to non-renewable energy sources such as oil and gas. Whether you live in Hamilton, Middletown, Point Pleasant, Red Bank, Spring Lake or Toms River, NJ, you will use a certain amount of oil and gas.

However these traditional energy sources wont last forever and have negative impact on the environment. This means humankind is slowly being forced to consider other energy sources such as solar energy. Understanding some solar facts is important if you want to consider solar power as an alternative energy source. The sun produces vast amounts of energy and has done so for billions of years. Even though solar energy can be harvested to generate electricity, the sun only shines during the day and some areas don’t receive enough sunlight for effective application.

In order to generate energy from sunlight we use solar panels and towers. If follows a solar farm is just a large scale version of this concept. A solar farm could potentially be a sustainable land use project. An interesting solar fact is that in most cases solar panels on your roof or on a solar farm is not for your direct use. There are practical and financial reasons for this. One reason that solar power and consumption don’t synchronize well. So it makes more sense for solar power to go into the main grid. You effectively sell the solar power you generate back to the energy companies.

By installing solar panels you become an energy generator. This means you are both a consumer and a producer. You pay for the energy you use and you get paid for the energy you generate. So solar panels don’t have to be on your roof or even on your property. By putting solar panels on a farm you can generate more energy and make more money. There is more space on a farm which means panels to be mounted on motorised towers that can effectively track the sun and maximize energy output.


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