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Residential Solar in Middletown, NJ

The 3 types of residential solar installations in and around NJ and how to mount them

The U.S. solar market has skyrocketed by 75% in the year 2012. Not ever has residential solar power been this much available to the households in the U.S. Installation of an average sized residential solar system in NJ usually takes not more than 24 hours. However, there are 3 main types of residential solar installations that make solar in Point Pleasant, Red Bank, Spring Lake and Toms River located in the state of NJ an affordable and safe investment.

Go Solar: The three types of residential solar systems available

• Solar power projects are grid connected with no batteries- The first and most common residential solar power system that connects your solar panel installation with the main electricity grid is called the grid connect system connected with no batteries. It enables you to bring energy back into the grid through your meter and be financially rewarded for it by your solar company.
• Grid connected with battery backup- The second most common residential solar system, known as a ‘Stand-Alone’ solar power system is generally used for residential properties located in the remote geographic areas where the cost of connecting the solar panel installation to the main grid is restrictive. The system charges a battery bank, which in turn is used to supply power to a residential property. A generator is usually kept available to provide support to the battery system.
• Off-grid residential solar power systems- Residential solar systems where people are not connected to the electricity grid rather creates, stores and use all their own power is known as off-grid residential solar power systems. They need to know about their exact requirement of solar power and also how much access they have to the solar resource (sun).

How to mount them?

Most residential solar electric systems are mounted directly to the roof of a building while some are mounted to a delicate framework on the ground.


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