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Solar Panels from Advanced Solar & Energy Solutions

Did you know that the average increase in electric bills has been 4% a year over the past ten years? Those increases can really add up; which is why now is the perfect time to invest in solar technology via leading solar panel manufacturers in NJ.

Advanced Solar & Energy Solutions can show you how! As your local solar experts, we are pleased to serve the entire state of New Jersey and the surrounding communities with quality, affordable solar solutions. Our reliable, state-of-the-art engineering, combined with our local expertise and professional service, will ensure a successful solar energy solution you can enjoy for many years to come!

From manufacturing solar panels to install it at your home or business, we can provide you with a wide range of benefits. Starting from reducing or eliminating your electric bill to providing you with large State and Federal financial incentives.

In addition, our company manufactures 100% clean and pollution-free solar panels that can generate electricity for over 25 years, and increase the value of your home. Best of all, with Advanced Solar, installing solar panels on your New Jersey property is more affordable than you may think! With more than 30 years of experience in building, project development, and energy efficiency, Advanced Solar has an international reach and buying power that allows us to source reliably from a pool of qualified, global manufacturers.

This means we have the ability to provide you with a wide range of solar panels and renewable energy products at highly competitive prices. In fact, we can handle your project all under one roof. From reviewing your energy usage and evaluating your property to design, fabrication and installation of your solar energy system, we are at your service!

Unlike other providers that install solar panels for “free” and then reap all the financial benefits for themselves, Advanced Solar puts you in a position to enjoy clean green energy and all the financial incentives that come along with it.

We don’t just solar panels manufacturers and installers. Whether you our outfitting your home, business or are interested in the advantages of setting up a solar farm, we work with you to help you achieve your energy efficiency and income producing goals.

At Advanced Solar, we are pleased to provide our services throughout Middletown, Point Pleasant, Red Bank, Spring Lake, Toms River, and Hamilton, New Jersey.

Contact us today at  (732) 396-8277 to get started! We will be happy to tell you more about the many benefits of solar panels, and how you can use them to reduce your carbon footprint, protect against future utility rate increases, and generate income.


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