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How is Advanced Solar & Energy Solutions different?

Almost anyone can install solar panels on a roof, in fact, there are more than 7,500 solar contractors in New Jersey, but installing solar panels is only one small part of a true solar energy solution.

For your greatest return on investment, you need a partner that understands all aspects of solar solutions, including structural engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical systems, as well as a deep understanding about how to reap the benefits of state and federal solar incentives.

Advanced Solar & Energy Solutions offers a holistic approach to integrating green technologies into your home or business. We provide solar and energy efficiency services to New Jersey homes, businesses, and commercial facilities. We also work with customers to educate them and help them make financially sound decisions about migrating to solar solutions. Beware of “free” solar installers who take all of your state and federal solar incentives for themselves. Trust Advanced Solar & Energy Solutions to show you how to reap the financial rewards of solar for yourself!

Our 30+ years of experience in building, project development, and energy efficiency gives us an international reach and buying power that allows us to source reliably from a pool of qualified, global manufacturers. This results in our ability to deliver a broad range of renewable energy products at competitive prices. Our strong emphasis on quality, reliability, and state-of-the-art engineering, combined with our local expertise and professional service, ensures that your solar energy project will consist of only the highest quality design, components, and integration.

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Our solar energy solutions include the following:
– Review of electric and gas bills
– Complete building audits
– Electric and heating equipment audits
– Engineering
– Design/Build/Fabrication
– Financing Options
– State and Federal Solar Incentives


  • Solar Saves you money by reducing or eliminating your electric bill.
  • Solar comes with big financial incentives. (State & Federal)
  • Solar increases the value of your home.
  • Solar is 100% clean and pollution free!
  • Solar gives you protection against future utility rate increases.
  • Solar offers you energy independence.
  • Solar can generate electricity for over 25 years!
  • Solar is maintenance free with minimal need for time consuming upkeeps and repairs.
  • Solar reduces you & your family’s carbon footprint


Over the past 10 years, the average increase in electric bills has been 4% a year. Over the next 20 years the average homeowners will pay an average of $40k for electric.
Thats 2k a year!


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