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The Energy Show

On episode 2 of “The Energy Show”, host Eric Scott sits down with the founder and president of Advanced Energy and Solar Solutions, Ron Urban, to continue to educate you on how solar is supposed to work and how so much of the solar industry has been polluted by scammers. You can’t get something for anything, beware of free information is key and that is the purpose of this show.

No matter what type of business you have or what type of industry you’re in, the benefits of solar are many and to experience these benefits you must visit http://advancedsolarnj.com/.

Ron has a background in commercial design, and this helps his customers in ways you can only begin to imagine. This is special because unlike the solar companies that come and knock on your door and promise to save you money, Ron can help with a complete either rebuild or remodel of a business to take maximum advantage of all these incentives. It matters what kind of building products you use to even reduce the installation of your solar project. So solar companies don’t look at this.

They don’t have the knowledge of this, and you know by the way they make a lot of money, they put your solar in and they run. Ron will work with you to eliminate your electric and gas bill. Don’t think of Ron and Advanced Solar Solutions as a “solar company” they are a full-service company that can handle your project, starts to finish. Ron will be upfront with you and lay everything out on the table and there is never any pressure to buy. He and his company also make sure to keep things clean when they do a job.

You should always be aware that there are companies that will leave your yard and home a mess once they’ve installed your system and left. Don’t fall for the leasing scam don’t fall for somebody who says they can save your money; Ron is going to eliminate your electric bill in most cases and he’s going to generate your money.

Make money from Solar

The tax advantages for businesses in the state of New Jersey for solar are huge. Most of the times both small and large business owners sit down with their accountants and go over the benefits of adding solar to their company, the accountants always come back and approve it. The tax benefits are so huge because it can increase your revenue and knocks out one of your biggest operating expenses. Solar is great if you own a home, even better if you have a business and all of it is due to the different tax incentives and these things called SREC’s solar renewable energy credits.

Any project it doesn’t matter how much it cost $10,000 or $10 million, right off the bat you’re going to get 30% off the project whatever the cost is from the federal government off your taxes. Right off the bat, you’re going to get a zero electric bill 99% of the cases so if that’s $3000 a year you just made $3000 a year. Also, keep in mind that a lot of solar companies will not tell you about the SREC’s and that they can be deposited directly into your account. These checks will keep on coming in and that’s another way solar can give you revenue.

Real-life reviews

John Lawler is with Lawler woodwork in Howell New Jersey

“It’s unbelievable what it’s doing and there’s nothing stopping me now. You could just go to the next level you don’t have to worry about an electric bill. It’s just more revenue with no electric bill and with income coming in so you can concentrate on getting another machine, leasing another machine with a buyout with the money that you’re saving.” “
“Like I said the worry of the electric bill, you don’t have any worry anymore and have income coming in so you basically have income from not paying the bill and the income from the incentive for the solar”

Bob Nichols owns a farm in Wrightstown New Jersey

“Well for one we don’t have to worry about with all of the horse stalls, the fans and everything like that and I was always running around and turning everything off worrying about how high the bill is going to be and this and that and basically our bill zeroed out with air-conditioned fans.


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