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Beware of "Free"!

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The biggest misconception in the solar energy industry is what the other solar contractors are selling to the systems for "FREE".

Beware of "Free"! ...

What does "FREE" mean to a business or home owner?                       

Is anything really "FREE"?

Advanced Solar & Energy Solutions is the leading educator in the Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency industries.  We begin every relationship by first serving as an energy efficiency consultant.  Our team of project specialists will educate our residential and commercial clients about solar energy systems, energy efficiency upgrades, tax benefits and financial options.

We want YOU to experience the financial benefits of your solar project - not the solar contractor or finance company.



Advanced Solar & Energy Solutions introduces Interest-Free Financing to all qualified buyers so You Can Own your solar system.

 "FREE" solar systems deny the home or building owner the financial rewards and tax benefits!

  "FREE" solar systems:

  • Do not eliminate your electric bill
  • Do not increase the value of your home or building
  • Do not generate additional income
  • Do not give you a return on your investment

  Advanced Solar & Energy Solutions will give you the knowledge you need to make a wise decision!

  •   Reduce or eliminate your electric consumption up to 100%
  •   Increase the value of your home or building
  •   Own your system in an average of 5 years
  •   Generate additional income
  •   Experience a 10%-14% return on your investment

Currently, the average annual interest rate on a 5-year CD is 1.8%. The average return on a solar system investment is 10%-14%.

Learn more about THE TRUTH by calling us at 1-855-SUNNY-4U or email