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Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions are the leading experts in the industry of solar designs, energy efficiency and build. In this blog, Ron Urban, the founder and president tells us solar energy should really work and how to save ourselves from falling victims to the money stealing scams which many solar companies are running today, for availing best solar services click here.

A Brief Introduction to Solar

Solar is one of the best home investments since an efficient system pays for itself and helps you make more money, which is the ultimate purpose of Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions. They are the most honest dealers unlike many solar companies, which only make great claims but end up ripping people off their precious money, very unethically. They offer genuine warranties and guarantees when it comes to making solar home investments.

The major problem with most companies in the solar industry, especially those dealing with the residential end, is that they never fully explain what they’re doing to you. You remain clueless about their tactics while they know nothing of how the solar energy power really works, despite their huge claims.

Get Access to Everything You Need

Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions can do it all for you, from building you a ground mound, a farm, a shed or a house – they can do it all for you. They give you all of this and much more with foolproof solar designs.

Once you make a deposit with this company, their project normally lasts for a month and a half and your house is ready within the time they promise to. There are no unnecessary delays and unfulfilled promises of discounts you will have to deal with later.

Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions build your solar systems as fast as you wish them to be and promise you the best installation the state can ever offer you. Furthermore, the company does commercials installs and not residential.

The founders of this company give you a maintenance that will last for 20 years and no less. You will not have to worry about going back for maintenance issues time and time again.

Say No to Misinformation

The founder and president, Ron, is an extremely passionate individual and desires to put a stop to all the misinformation that is spread regarding the solar industry. He further helps people by inviting them to seek his advice when companies promise to save individuals a lot of money. He reviews the lease agreements and points out the flaws to those who are innocently ignorant but smart enough not to be scammed. Ron then proves to you in writing, using the industries longest guarantees and warranties, how the system in question will pay for itself and help you make more money.

Tax incentives are enforced fully now and will only be reduced at the year’s end. So before you lose your chance, book an appointment discuss whether you can qualify for a lease and how well the installation is going to work.

Although Ron is not a lawyer, he has tremendous knowledge of lease contracts. As per his opinion, most lease contracts initially only show you a 1.5% or 2 % to sway your mind. In reality, they end up ripping your pockets of 30% nearly. This is why one has to be extra careful when applying for solar systems in their homes and availing lease contracts.

An Energy Independent You

At the end of the day, if you want to become energy independent, completely eliminate the payment of electric bills and make money, then Ron is your guy to do it. You can visit advancedsolarnj.com for more information.


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