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The Energy Show

On episode 2 of “The Energy Show”, host Eric Scott sits down with the founder and president of Advanced Energy and Solar Solutions, Ron Urban, to continue to educate you on how solar is supposed to work and how so much of the solar industry has been polluted by scammers. You can’t get something for anything, beware of free information is key and that is the purpose of this show.

No matter what type of business you have or what type of industry you’re in, the benefits of solar are many and to experience these benefits you must visit http://advancedsolarnj.com/.

Ron has a background in commercial design, and this helps his customers in ways you can only begin to imagine. This is special because unlike the solar companies that come and knock on your door and promise to save you money, Ron can help with a complete either rebuild or remodel of a business to take maximum advantage of all these incentives. It matters what kind of building products you use to even reduce the installation of your solar project. So solar companies don’t look at this.

They don’t have the knowledge of this, and you know by the way they make a lot of money, they put your solar in and they run. Ron will work with you to eliminate your electric and gas bill. Don’t think of Ron and Advanced Solar Solutions as a “solar company” they are a full-service company that can handle your project, starts to finish. Ron will be upfront with you and lay everything out on the table and there is never any pressure to buy. He and his company also make sure to keep things clean when they do a job.

You should always be aware that there are companies that will leave your yard and home a mess once they’ve installed your system and left. Don’t fall for the leasing scam don’t fall for somebody who says they can save your money; Ron is going to eliminate your electric bill in most cases and he’s going to generate your money.

Make money from Solar

The tax advantages for businesses in the state of New Jersey for solar are huge. Most of the times both small and large business owners sit down with their accountants and go over the benefits of adding solar to their company, the accountants always come back and approve it. The tax benefits are so huge because it can increase your revenue and knocks out one of your biggest operating expenses. Solar is great if you own a home, even better if you have a business and all of it is due to the different tax incentives and these things called SREC’s solar renewable energy credits.

Any project it doesn’t matter how much it cost $10,000 or $10 million, right off the bat you’re going to get 30% off the project whatever the cost is from the federal government off your taxes. Right off the bat, you’re going to get a zero electric bill 99% of the cases so if that’s $3000 a year you just made $3000 a year. Also, keep in mind that a lot of solar companies will not tell you about the SREC’s and that they can be deposited directly into your account. These checks will keep on coming in and that’s another way solar can give you revenue.

Real-life reviews

John Lawler is with Lawler woodwork in Howell New Jersey

“It’s unbelievable what it’s doing and there’s nothing stopping me now. You could just go to the next level you don’t have to worry about an electric bill. It’s just more revenue with no electric bill and with income coming in so you can concentrate on getting another machine, leasing another machine with a buyout with the money that you’re saving.” “
“Like I said the worry of the electric bill, you don’t have any worry anymore and have income coming in so you basically have income from not paying the bill and the income from the incentive for the solar”

Bob Nichols owns a farm in Wrightstown New Jersey

“Well for one we don’t have to worry about with all of the horse stalls, the fans and everything like that and I was always running around and turning everything off worrying about how high the bill is going to be and this and that and basically our bill zeroed out with air-conditioned fans.

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The Energy Show Ep. 3 Transcription

Eric: Welcome to The Energy Show with Ron Urban founder and president of Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions. Ron is one of the nations leading experts on energy efficiency and solar design and over the next hour we’re going to talk to you about how solar should really work and why so many so called solar companies are running a scam, essentially to steel your money. And this hour we want to talk to business owners. If you own a business this is a game changer for you. Tap into the power of the sun and Ron its almost too good to be true when you kind of spell out what the benefits of solar companies in NJ offer you are and shocking when you realize what it is that so many people don’t take advantage of it.

Ron: One of the things I’d like to talk about for one second step one step that one step backward is really what The Energy Show’s about. Its not an info commercial it’s a show about energy and energy efficiencies. You uh its about your business its about your residence and everything. We’re going to have guests from manufacturers will be here, product people will be here, uh hopefully we’re going to have people from New Jersey Clean Energy here and a lot of guest speakers and things like that. We’re it’s a whole total package. How people are really going to make a ton of money if they listen to this show. One of the things that took me over 40 years to do and research in commercial buildings and things which I design and build and in conjunction with electrical systems but there’s a lot to it. Everyone thinks they know what they’re doing, most people don’t. But you’re going to learn a lot. We’re going to have people from some of the biggest companies here. We’re going to have people that are experts in different fields here. So, and by the way they’re going to back up what we talk about. Most of the people on these shows that are going to be on these shows, if there’s commercials in these shows, not only is it is it are they guaranteeing their work they’re people that I know, that I met and I’m going to guarantee their work too. All my projects are guaranteed and warranted way above anybody else and that includes if we’re doing a solar system on your roof, we’ll take care of your roof. We’re going to show you how to get your money back on your commercial roof and how it really works. How its combined together. People call me all the time especially in the commercial industry saying I don’t know I was thinking about doing solar but its so much money a commercial would be a million, 2, 3 million dollars. We show them how to do the project, how to get the project done. We’ll do your roof. You’re going to get that 1 million back in 1 year, don’t have to wait and this is one of the biggest things in this industry. In a solar industry, I don’t care how big they are, they sub everything out they’ve got all kinds of crazy guys doing their work. They don’t have their own people. They’re not, in my head they don’t even know where they came from. One of the things though I do when we do presentation for our commercial customers, especially the larger ones, we bring out the manufacturers with us and one of the reasons I’m bringing out the manufacturers you know you might not notice, I might look like I’m 50 or 60 years old but really I’m 97 which is a joke; but they’re always asking me what happens if anything happens to you? By the way I have the largest some of the top companies in the country that are, they back up the warranties. They’re there for a reason because if anything goes wrong, they were sitting at the meeting. They can be in our meeting in our notes and in the past, they have the best products and the best warranties. In fact, I’ve been dealing with uh with uh Bob who’s going to be in very shortly and talk a little bit about their uh products and stuff. My first one of my first commercial projects Bob was telling me about the roofs and things. The roof that they do, I’ve been speaking to one of the top engineers from one of the tops uh pharmaceutical companies in energy expert for over 40 years who’s retired now. He told me about the product, now Bob’s company will also talk about they have based 20 year warranties and for properties and I believe because of our system, our first system, undenounced to the state of New Jersey my first project because I didn’t think about putting rocks on someone’s roof they now guarantee solar. They’re in every single show out there for 25 years the same warranty that the panels are. All this stuff is extremely important. To know how a solar system works from the from the electricity to the benefits to your accounting to your financial things and everything. 

Eric: Yeah well let’s talk about that in just a second, but a guy you know what Ron was just talking about if you are a business owner, if you own a warehouse, if you own a building and you’re thinking about putting on a new roof we know how expensive it is to do that. Ron can walk you through how the solar system, that he will incorporate into that project, will pay for your roof, pay for your project, and then start making you money. Ron mentioned design in build, that’s Ron’s background and before we go any further Ron, I think it’s important again that people understand that you’re not a solar guy. 

Ron: So, some real important that Eric just said there by the way I’ve been designing buildings and electric systems my whole life. So, I look at it a whole different way. So like I can’t take the roof and put it on with the solar project but my accountants take the roof they take the depreciation by the way we might be doing light, LED lighting for you and we’ll take all of the energy savings. We work in some companies; we might be doing truck ports for them outside their property where they spend $300,000 a year to plow the things. We don’t do regular car ports. We design our own. They cover the whole parking lot. The snow drops off somewhere else. So, when you take all of this and I sit down with the corporate accountants and things what we’re going to show you all these other ways that you’re never going to pay that money again. So, you know why they fum, even if I cost more, you’re going to make so much more money off our systems because of how we break it down how we show. Solar contractors don’t have a clue what I do. Some of the biggest solar contractors and developers in the state and the country there, look at their backgrounds there anything from HVAC contractors, roofers, chemical engineers and on and on and on. My background for 40 years is designing electric systems and designing buildings. That’s my job. So now for all my developer buddies and the people that I’ve met out there, and my whole career I’m showing you get them. By the way every I get the it’s just like repeatedly the customer, the contractor, he can be an HVAC contractor, he can be a roofing contractor, there’s all these crazy benefits that you get. Either they don’t know if they didn’t get trained or went to proper classes or they’re taking your incentives. There’s even supply houses that take they take all the incentives that you get. 

Eric: And it’s the incentives that that you need to know about and take advantage of. That’s where the real money is. That’s where the real payoff is. 

Ron: Absolutely by the way in every state well I’m from New Jersey we do most of our work in New Jersey, we have New Jersey clean energy. The problem is just 2000 pages through it. You know there’s a million little things in there. If you learn and no one does it like all like that’s a big problem. You know I’m right now I’m designing buildings for people before they even start, and before they even touch their architects and stuff. So, we’re designing buildings with roofs designed just for solar. You’re going to get more production out of your roof. We’re designing the buildings this may sound crazy with electric heat and things. The more electric I put in your building the more money you’re going to make and by they way just take one step backwards, Eric and I kept saying warehouse. Warehouses are very small user of electricity, you know. But the warehouse where we do it their offices are changing their offices to hear. Its money. They’re making them money. The customers that see how it really works its great. But let’s flip over to the other side. Let’s talk about nursing homes, lets talk about hotels, lets talk about what your business must pay for all this electricity. You know its not a triple net lease, its nothing and you’ve got to pay all this. I can knock that out. If solar guys came to your industry, to your house, I’m so sorry to your building or your property and oh well uh I don’t think we can get it on here. I will design something to get it on there. That’s the difference between me and them. By the way I may not be the smartest guy in the world because they’re making a fast buck throwing these things on your roof and running. I’ll design all kinds of walkways. Everything they’re architecturally pleasing for corporations, whatever they want to do I will do it and it will be energy efficient. It will pay for your mortgages for your things. When you take all the numbers and combine them together have an accountant to do this and show you all these ways you’re saving money. You know I looked at a project in New York. The project and I don’t really go through this city to much or to upstate New York your electric bill, they got more money in one year uh at uh a $100,000 lighting retrofit. In 5 years, it not only did it pay itself off in 9 months, they made about $500,000 off of it.

Eric: Yeah and all these companies that are coming out, that are trying to tell you that they are going to save you money. Ron is not going to promise to save you money. Ron is going to make you money. He is going to make you a lot of money. You call 855-SUNNY4U or visit advancedsolarnj.com that’s 855-SUNNY4U you’re going to meet with Ron directly. Your business project, your commercial project, is going to start with a complete energy audit and that’s where the process begins. Then you and Ron are going to talk and he’s going to design something for you and then he’s going to come back with the Book of Ron. We like to call it the Book of Ron, it’s a big thick book. It literally spells out word for word, line for line, everything that you talk about. You’re not going to get something scribbled on a piece of paper or some pie in the sky promises to save you money. He’s going to show you how you return an investment is going to pay off and Ron I think that’s where some of these businesses, these companies get a little intimidated because you know you’re talking about a lot of stuff. You’re throwing a lot of numbers out there, but you put every word of it writing. 

Ron: Its in writing. Its there for your accountants to see it. I mean I want them to review it. I want in corporations I want your engineers to look at it. You know and that’s it that its really going to make you a lot of money. The systems are unbelievable. 

Eric: Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions is not going to throw a couple of panels haphazard up on your roof, walk away and then you never hear from them again. All your maintenance is included. They have some of the longest warranties and guarantees in the industry. Why wouldn’t you do this? You’re going to eliminate one of your biggest costs, and you’re going to create an entirely new revenue stream for your business. Ron this is a game changer for any commercial venture. 

Ron: Its it uh like even developer I go back to developers you know. If they can borrow more money off these systems you’re making more money on your projects. Its we’re eliminating the highest operating expenses that people have in the industry. You know if you’re a manufacturing anything else you can your prices can go down. You can stabilize lot of companies I I read about years ago, in a phone industry and things the biggest companies out there in the state of New Jersey they can never project their electric because it’s so crazy in how much it goes up. And a uh a lot uh its just nutty. And guess what if electric goes up yours doesn’t. You know all’s this is doing is increasing the value of your property, making you money, they can’t increase your property taxes it’s the federal law. So by the way its just a plus, plus, plus. Or you could wait until they’re going to force you to do. Its coming down the line its coming down the next 5 6 years I guarantee ya. If you don’t take advantage of it now its going to get you later. 

Eric: Yeah and this is the perfect time because there are some tax incentives that are very generous. They are going to be reduced after this year. So 855-SUNNY4U that’s 855-SUNNY4U or advancedsolarnj.com go to Ron’s website see some of the commercial projects that he has put together. Not only are these energy efficient and part of the whole plan to be able to make you money, but they look great. Its going to improve the aesthetics of what you’re trying to do for your business or your commercial venture as well. And listen if you need a new roof, if you’ve been thinking about putting on a new roof hang on because in just a couple of minutes we’re going to talk with one of the nation’s leading roofing experts with decades of experience doing this and how it all pulls together for your project. 855-SUNNY4U. 855-SUNNY4U or advancedsolarnj.com Back on The Energy Show with one of the nation’s leading roofing experts next


Eric: And we’re back on The Energy Show with Ron Urban the founder and president of Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions 855-SUNNY4U, that’s 855-SUNNY4U or advancedsolarnj.com and we’ve been educating business owners this hour on how solar energy efficiency, the complete redesigning and build of your commercial building cannot only eliminate one of your biggest utility costs but can actually make you money. And one of the things we’ve talked about it is the need for a new roof. A new roof can be prohibitively expensive. In just a moment we’re going to talk to one of the nation’s leading roofing experts but I think Ron before we do that its important to understand how all of these things kind of incorporate into one another and how you look at different jobs and how you go to a business owner and say alright so you need a new roof and you need a new lighting system, and you need all of these others things. Those, its like you’re putting together a jigsaw puzzle. All those pieces fit together to make you money. 

Ron: So my years of experience, and I’ve kind of crack up, someone was training somebody we try to hire more especially in our commercial industry we kind of consider ourselves as educators not sales people. So my sales people, educators, are always bugging me to ask them to please help us to be able to understand what you do and see what you do. So its kind of like a joke. I work for larger companies when I work I worked for a larger company they’ll hire engineers, they’ll higher all whole kinds of crews to do what it is on a building. So normally I’m just talking to a customer for the very first time I’ll walk through the building. I’ll give you a quick example. Now not too long ago I walked through a guys building it was about 180,000 square feet, its like 3 football fields or whatever it was. So we walk through the building and we got done he told me when am I going to perform the energy audit. I said guess what I’m done. I says I made my sales guys mouths drop. You know I’ve been doing this so long I design buildings. One of the reasons people say why do you design the whole building with every in of it? First off when I build on I know everything that’s wrong. I know how to build it. I know how to build it right. I know what every nut and bolt is. But when I’m walking through a building I can see right away when the heating’s 25 years old, when the roof deck is starting to rust, it needs a new roof. I mean the lightings ancient and its obsolete. I go in the bathrooms, the toilets are leaking and their 90 years old. You know there’s a lot of stuff that you put together and no one wants to take care of these expenses and you know. 

Eric: And that’s your advantage pitch, but being design and build. That’s why we say all the time Ron Urban is not a solar guy. You’re background in design and build let’s you look at these projects differently than any of these guys that are walking into your office or calling you on the phone or sending you know stuff on social media. 

Ron: You know there’s something else though. I have some family that works for me. They kind of yell at me they say I’m a little over board. I’m really passionate about what I do. If we’re doing a project and there’s something wrong with your building, half the time I’ll fix and we’ll do it at no expense to you. it’s something in my brain I think I missed but we really take a lot of pride in it. A lot of time when I’m with owners the owners end up telling me hey I need this, I need that. But probably the greatest thing and one of the best feelings I get its like when I cook and people really like what I do, it makes you feel good. When I’m with building owners they call me for years. Ron I’ve got a problem with this, Ron I’ve, Ron this can you help me with that? And I do I enjoy it, I really do. So its kind of a passion of mine but you’re cutting about 10 middle men. You’re cutting out a lot of cost here and there. You know people think our systems are some of the most expensive out there. I have to laugh. So if you hire a solar contractor he has to put a solar canopy on the side of your building to put more solar panels so to knock out your whole electric bill. I design this I design it, I fabricate it, and then I make it. None of them do that. Or there’s not many that do if I nor did I ever see one. So that cuts your expenses down. Everything we do. People ask me too they say hey Ron we got this solar company, we’re waiting 3.5 months to get a price from them. Guess what if I like at your building, normally before I get there I’ve got a price and book in my hand. You know we its all done we don’t have to wait for years and months for 50,000 people to review it or do whatever they do. And our projects are normally 10 times better than anybody else’s.

Eric: Yeah and Ron is not subbing this out to subcontractors that you don’t know. They’re all part of the Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions team. But we talked about roofs. And it is one of the single biggest expenses that a lot of industrial building owners or commercial building owners have to face and it’s a very scary cost but there are ways that Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions can show you how the project will actually pay for itself. And they’re not just throwing on some cheap roof. These are high quality dur durable warrantied roofs, better than almost anybody else in the industry. You might recognize the name Carlisle, one of the largest roofing companies in U.S. Bob Barowasher is the roofing expert. He has over 30 years of experience and Ron and he go back a long time. 

Ron: When I met Bob about 25 years ago through a one of the uh pharmaceutical professional engineers that took care of an energy efficiency through buildings, some of the things a passion of mine my whole life. Bob got me turned on to a uh foam roofs and silicone roofs and then I’m just going to touch base a little bit how important this is that we do and a no one else does in the industry. Not only are we solar contractors, we’re energy efficient contractors, we look at your whole building. One of the cool things that we do is we will install the roof for the customer. We guarantee everything. We have a 20 20 25 year warranty on our panels and they uphold their roofing warranty the same as ours. They got the idea through one of our, I believe through one of our first projects that we did in Jersey. City was an unbalanced system on a 160,000 sq. foot building. We’re actually saving a customer 60% of his heating bill too because of the type of roof that we put on. The crazy thing that we’re doing now in the industry right now is that its 1 year depreciation. So its got 1 company comes in and you get your money back and then you’re going to be making money on your solar and I’m just going to touch base and let Bob talk about his thing from Carlisle some of the things that they have and how great their systems really are. 

Bob: Well thank you Ron and thanks for having me. Umm I’ve been in the commercial roofing business for 28 years uhhh I’m now with Carlisle Roof Foam and Coatings its one of the largest manufacturers of roofing materials in the country. Uh we specialize in liquid applied roofing. Uh and we like to think of ourselves as enablers for the solar the rooftop solar industry by creating a long term platform for them to place their panels onto. Uh there are two two variations of systems that that we propose. One is as Ron mentioned polyurethane foam, a layer of that which is spray applied. And uh then coated with two to three coats of a high solid silicone coating also spray applied. Or just spray applied coatings which is a roof restoration system. If the project umm is applicable for system like that. Uh by using the polyurethane foam we’re adding tremendous insulation to the building. It is the best insulating material in the roofing industry. It seems its umm totally monolithic and uh works well on a variety of applications. 

Ron: Some of the things that uh that’s really important and I hear this every day from customers, and solars been around since 2003 right now in the industry I’ll get a develop or manufacturer come to me hey I finally  got a roof put on my building. You know they should really call us first. You know when I do presentations, Bob comes with me on a lot of our presentations. Something that’s extremely important for the solar for your efficiency is a white roof helps your panels run more efficient. A white roof also knocks down some of your efficiencies in your uh in your building. Or keeps it cooler and you know maybe using less air conditioning and everything else. So when people come to one of our seminars, or we’re coming out for one of our presentations, we really get in depth. If it’s a larger scale company I mean we really welcome the engineers to be there. We’ll do a whole presentation. We have the manufacturers with us and really one of Bob’s company’s is truly one of the best in the industry. 

Bob: As as Ron mentioned every case is different. Its like I said we we want more solar panels out there. Uh renewable energy is on the rise its it’s an exploding industry for a lot of good reasons and we want to help encourage that technology. So by putting together a system on the roof that will enable more panels offer a long term warranty, and do a lot of other things at a very very competitively priced way we’re going to enable that uh solar industry to explode even more. 

Ron: Well one one of the things in my background is that I became a developer in life and one of the things I get from all of my developer buddies is no one ever wants to put a roof on their building. They’ll patch it. They’ll do this, they’ll do that. But right now you’ve got 1 year depreciation, you get your whole roof done. People squawk about the solar industry. We maintain it besides install it, and all your other warranties. The least of your warranties you have as a business owner is 20 years including maintenance. You don’t have to touch the system, we do it all. Its included with the roof. You have a brand new roof on your building. So it’s a plus, plus. You’re increasing the value of your building by by many, many times over .Its a huge thing. You get every every penny of your money back is going to come back in 2-3 years or so, then you make money. Don’t be tricked by these giant companies out there. They’re trying to lease you systems and go through PPAs and things like that. We will give you all the options. Your accountants we like to do meetings with accountants, and engineers in our meetings. They get what we get in our Book its clearly stated out there. All the warranties, guarantees are in there. So by the way another huge thing with the the Carlisle and companies like Bob’s is that if we’re not here, people ask all the time they take care of the warranty too. So its its uh it’s a joint kind of venture where its just a positive, positive, plus in this industry. And people should really call us first and get going on what they need and we’ll really show them how it works. 

Eric: Bob Barewasher one of the foremost roofing experts in the United States. 30 years of experience and you know it gives you an idea Ron of just again of how all of these pieces have to fit together and there is nobody out there in the solar industry, these so called solar companies that are going door to door, that can do that. Just nobody else does this.

Ron: You know the things that I do and what I learn through guys like Bob and through some of the top engineers in the country and things. So you have a giant building. The building needs a 2, 3, 4 million dollar roof. We demonstrate to people that when we take that roof off and put a new roof on we just cut your heating and air conditioning bills down 60%. Its written its documented all over. So its less energy everything else. When I first started in this industry the the the overseeing this is New Jersey Clean Energy. The head technical director came and worked for us. And he was just so inspired by us. Why would he come to a little company like us? Cuz he believed in what I do. Energy efficiency should be the government should make energy efficiencies first. By the way if I cut all of your energies down you got half the price for your solar project. So we just its if you understand how we look at projects like anyone else were not going to sit here and talk for 5 hours from every solar company trying to mimic and but they’re going to copy what we’re doing and they can’t cuz its 40 years of experience. 

Eric: Well and it’s the experience of Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions that really truly makes the difference. 855-SUNNY4U that’s 855-SUNNY the number 4 the letter U. Are you sold on the idea yet? When we come back we’re going to go over how solar can truly pay for itself and if you’re a business that has a high tax appetite the time to call is now.


Eric: Back on The Energy Show with Ron Urban, founder and president of Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions. Ron is not a solar guy. His decades of experience in design and build and energy efficiency is what’s going to make a difference for your business. If you own a business going solar, going through Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions, from the design and build phase to the completed project it’s a game changer. The tax benefits, increasing your cash flow, the value of your building its all part of Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions’ plan to get you into a space where you are making money. Now Ron we haven’t talked a lot about the tax implications but especially with a lot of the companies that you deal with in New Jersey, we all know what the taxes are like in New Jersey. Tax benefits to these projects can be huge

Ron: Its you know its tax benefits and their highest operating expense combine. So lets just talk real quick and lets talk some scary numbers out there to people. Say a job is $1 million. So what the building owners really need to know and the developers is that in 1 year, after the first year our book will demonstrate that to you, prove to you and show your accountant how it works. You’re going to get half or a little bit more of that money back in 1 year. Its uh residential, sorry, a commercial project could be 2 year payback sometimes a little less, sometimes a little bit more. It all depends on roofs and things like that. Everything else and well how where you’re at, where you’re located. So and the biggest thing that I try and I try to explain to people too I don’t care if its residential or commercial I’m kind of laughing. People are like how what do I got a layout what I’m going to get back, what am I getting, but there’s not a dime that you’re paying back to pay this system off. Our books demonstrate this. We don’t take any off your profits. We don’t take any of your incentives. We don’t take any of the bonuses that you’re going to get. Its all yours. So in normally your just going by the way you have no electric bill. If you have a building, and the building has $100,000 year electric bill and we we eliminate that electric bill, there’s other things you need to think about too. Your building is now worth $100,000 more.

Eric: But I think that’s where you know where where some of these other solar companies they come in and say oh you’ve got $100,000 electric bill. We’re going to save you 15% on your electric bill. 

Ron: its 15%. By the way some might even go all the way up to 90 or 100% but then they’re taking their telling you how to finance it, to taking your SRECs. They’re taking they’re taking your 30%. I tell people this all the time when I do seminars if they’re taking anything, if they’re being your buddies and helping and taking you anything, you are getting ripped off. I have to say this but its kind of cracking me up lately more and more the utility companies are getting into solar

Eric: I’ve been seeing that yeah. 

Ron: And and just and just really think hard about how much you love your utility company. Is that utility company really out there to give you money back or is he trying to figure out how to make more money himself. There’s a lot of utility companies out there backed up by these giant leases and things like that. You know and they just do it to make more money. And it sounds good. People you know this is this is probably the worst thing whether you’re a commercial project or a residential project, I hear this every day, well you’re not that big look at the big giant guys are doing you know so and so builds cars he does this. I say go with them go ahead. They’re taking your money. They figured out a way to get your money. A lot of them are even backed up their companies have got a ton of money from the from the government. They’re just there to take your money. 

Eric: And look at how many of these companies have already gone bankrupt. When the big push was on for solar in you know in in New Jersey and elsewhere you know you had companies on every street corner coming and saying we’re going to give you free solar and this free this and free that. Find them now. 

Ron: And one of the the one of the biggies with the with the larger companies out there, I get called all the time I’m not going to say the name, but pharmaceutical companies call me. I went out to a winery  not too long ago and I look at these projects and they’re telling me yeah we got the biggest maintenance contract in the world with so and so and this guy and that guy. I look at their systems and they’re not even working right. They’re paying these guys. By the way the paddle broke by the tree, its two years now. Are you kidding me? By the way I looked at a a friend of ours he owns a winery. He has two different systems, one system I found and it hasn’t worked for 6 years. He’s with one of those giants and if you don’t use them they take care of your maintenance because you’re leasing it or whatever your doing or PPAs or whatever. I’ll show how to make money. By the way if your non-profit, if you’re doing other things ev even large corporations there’s something called Power Purchase Agreement out there. So you you don’t qualify for the 30% or you don’t have the tax appetites its just, let’s figure something out. Real simple and real easy. So you’re listening to these guys- well we can take the 30%. Guess what they do take the 30% you don’t get a dime of it. I’ll show you, if you’re a non-profit or whatever you’re doing, without the 30% you still make money off our projects. And you own a system. So when you own a system it increases the value of your house, or your business I’m sorry and you get all the benefits. So it’s a big trick. It’s a big game. We have new solar projects now; community solar, everything else. There all made for the big guys period. So when you talk to us we’re going to show you how it really works. How you get the benefits. Whether you’re non-profit, whether you’re a profit for profit, you may have to spread it out your taxes a little bit which you’re allowed to do. So there’s a lot a lot to the system and a lot to knowledge that you need to know. I made my booklets, originally when solar first came out because I know the owners that I talk to. I am a developer, I am a owner. That they they have 5 minutes to listen to you. If they don’t get it I just say give it to your accountant. If your accountant can attend. 99.9% of the time the accountant says this is a good investment. 

Eric: yeah

Ron: A lot of times I can’t even get to an accountant because they say solars no good. Plus the only 3 you get a PPA lease or whatever, you’ve got to be kidding me. 

Eric: Yeah that is true. Uh uh I’ve seen it happen uh time and time again when Ron and I have been out and we’ve talked to commercial business owners. Everybody from you know warehouses to restaurants. The book of Ron, where he spells out everything word by word, line by line, these aren’t just pie in the sky promises that you’re going to get here. This literally will be in writing. It’s a big thick book and its going to show you your return on investment and how you’re going to make money. Its designed to be brought to your accountant. Let your accountant look at it. Let your accountant ask questions. Let your accountant try to poke holes in it. This is what the others guys aren’t going to give you. They aren’t going to spell it all out for you and and I can tell you from personal experience, because long before Ron and I teamed up to start educating people on on solar, I was a residential customer from Ron. Ron came out to my. I thought it sounded too good to be true. I took his book of Ron that he made for me um to people in the financial industry. To CPAs that I respected saying you know there’s go to be something wrong here, this doesn’t sound right. Every single one of them came back and said uh uh I uh we can’t find anything wrong with it. And I can tell can tell you, not only did Ron meet and and exceed every promise made in the book of Ron, but I’ve been energy independent with a 0 electric bill now for what Ron? 3? 3 years now?

Ron: 3 years.

Eric: Umm and I get a check every month. I am making money. I took a $750 electric bill just on a residential home which is now 0 plus I’m getting a check every month, real money and the value of my home is increased. Now he can do that for my home think of what Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions could do for your business. Get your energy audit. Meet with Ron. He’ll come out and take a look at your building and he’ll tell it to you straight 855-SUNNY4u 855-SUNNY the number 4 the letter u or visit advancedsolarnj.com to learn more. Take a look at some of Ron’s projects. Give him a call. Schedule an appointment. Ron will come out he’ll meet with you personally. You’ll get your own big book of Ron, take it to your accountant. Ask your accountant show me how this doesn’t make me money? If a solar company calls you on the phone and says they can save you money, that’s a scam. If Ron tells you he can make you money, you’re going to have a new revenue stream for your business. You’re listening to The Energy Show. We’ll be back in a minute. 


Eric: Back on The Energy Show where we dispel the myths and misinformation about the going energy independent and tapping into the true power of the sun. And for your business this creates an entirely new revenue stream to support your business and improve your bottom line. Call it 855-SUNNY the number 4 the letter u or visit advancedsolarnj.com to learn more. Once again with Ron Urban the founder and president of Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions and if you’ve listened to this show for any period of time by now you know that Ron uh certainly doesn’t lack energy in anything that you do Ron and you know how do you have that energy to just keep going like the energizer bunny?

Ron: Well we’re talking about the business end of it I really believe in what I do, I really love what I do. When it comes to my fitness and things like that it’s kind of crazy. I’m a New Jersey guy. I actually go all the way to New York, New York. Tough love CO. New York NYC fitness which Joey he’s sitting here with me. And one of my favorite drinks out there is lion tea. Its all natural its made out of dandelions. Its excellent. Its one of the newest hottest teas out on the market. I think its great for your uh specially people that are healthy, its excellent for your liver and everything else. It cleanses your body and it tastes really good. So right now I’m actually sitting here with Joey and he can talk a little bit about each one of those things.

Eric: So Joey you’re responsible for the Ron Urban that we get to see and enjoy every day. 

Joey: That’s right


Joey: Correct

Eric: So dandelions uh how how do you make a tea out of dandelions. My grandfather used to make dandelion wine

Joey: Ok yeah well funnily enough that’s that’s uh with dandelion one they use the flowers primarily. Um interestingly what we do is we do ummmm a tea made from the leaves uh flowers and uh the entire plant the root as well. So ultimately uh the reason for that is because each part of the dandelion has uh specific health benefits. Umm mostly what we focus on is uh is is the prebiotic element of the the root which is much higher at certain times of the year. That is um extremely important from a from a fiber perspective because its basically an insoluble fiber. It also feeds your body’s natural probiotics. So its ultimately like a fertilizer for your gut. So what they’re finding now clinically is primarily um weight loss um you know and and energy overall um you’re your body’s functioning as a as a whole as one unit is very much based on the premise of how healthy the gut bacteria or bacteria in your gut are. And so dandelions really um contribute to that uh they also contribute to the detoxification of your livers and kidney a kidneys. So that’s umm really big in terms of you know uh keeping a clean uh healthy body to you know allow you to actually have the energy to to keep on keeping on. 

Eric: Yeah so its lion tea L-I-O-N like dandelion

Joey: Like dandelion tea

Eric: What turned you on to dandelion? Did you eat dandelion salad? Did you drink dandelion wine? I mean why why what I mean I I try to get rid of them in my yard, you’re trying to figure a way how to make a drink 

Joey: Uh well actually ultimately was my uh uh business partner at the uh time uh Raymond Rose actually he’s a a Greek of Greek descent. His uh mother would make it for him uh you know when he was younger. He actually developed um a heredity uh degenerative eye condition uh of the optical nerve called lebers uh disease. Uh and ultimately his mother put him on this regiment of uh um dandelion tea uh which seemed to somehow contribute to reversing the effects of you know this condition. Umm you know they the doctor continued to just you know kind of advise him to do whatever he was doing to keep doing it. Which was drinking this dandelion tea concoction and ultimately what led him to you know uh continue or what what led him to to start the the business what led him to actually create the concept was um the success of this. At the same time his friends were finding this product in the fridge when they were young they were trying to cure their hangovers and they found that it was great for actually curing their hangovers because of the the detoxification properties. 

Eric: Yeah there’s a lot of talk about um making sure that you have a healthy gut that you have the the probiotic advantages. That you have you know because you know everything seems to start you know in your gut and and this lion tea kind of helps put everything back into into where it should be right?

Joey: Correct. Yes yeah so I mean ultimately you know right now flowers and uh you know botanicals are you know uh a big space in the uh beverage space um you know they’re finding a lot of you know uh uh interesting uh you know medicinal properties that as a whole these things are are holding for people but dandelions specifically just acts as an overall you know cleanser, detoxifier, energizer and uh uh ultimate aid. 

Ron: So does that mean on the weekend I can drink more alcohol?


Eric: Well you did say it cures a hangover 

Joey: I cannot confirm nor deny anything


Eric: I’m talking with Joey from lion tea. Where do you find this stuff?

Joey: Uh right now you can find it on amazon. Uh they launched out in LA uh about 2 or 3 months ago so so you know its uh its available in LA. It available in New York City.  Primarily the natural organic space um is is really where you’ll find it. Um Fairways, you’ll find it in Fiarways. Well um so you know um and and then online and in the website liontea.com Yup

Eric: That’s pretty incredible and Ron you know I mean I can attest, you never lack any kind of any kind of energy so you must be drinking gallons of this stuff.

Ron: But I also workout with Joey. I mean he’s an excellent trainer. He’s got a a huge business here in the Brooklyn area and uh Tough Love Co NYC is a great company. If you’re looking to get fit, that’s the man to call. 

Eric: Yeah what kind of trainer are you Joey? 

Joey: Uh I focus primarily on uh strength training. I just uh finished a course in corrective uh exercise well because I find that ultimately to to prime the body to to you know function correctly um you know need to preemptively ensure that your that your joints and muscles and everything is is balanced or are balanced excuse me. Um you know so at the end of the day um you know preventative uh measures in the fitness space are um extremely important no matter what fitness level you’re on. Uh so primarily I would I would call it you know corrective uh exercise strength training uh high intensity. That’s kind of you know what I I uh I focus on personally. 

Eric: Yeah and and you’re a Tough Love Co NYC, um that’s interesting because you don’t here an awful lot about preventative training. Its its its usually you know here’s where you are and here’s where I can take and you know you push it as far as you can go um a lot of people when that happens they end up getting hurt and they just don’t end up going back to it.

Joey: 100% yeah I find that even experienced uh fitness professionals or people that uh are you know that uh uh personally uh you know on their own personal level are very you know fit if you will um there there are often times many things that they don’t understand from a functional perspective um that can you know greatly improve there there there gains in the gym more. Um you know they’re ability to focus on a specific muscle, especially you know you know the glutes. Which is really a big point of concern for most people because we turn them off so often when we sit down. Often times people will try to work one muscle specifically uh and they will they will be unsuccessful because you know muscles work in in in pairs not just singly or as as single uh you know um drivers so what you’ll find is that if you if you don’t uh uh reactivate that that muscle in specific ways uh or you know turn off muscles that have become overactive you you won’t get the results that you’re looking for. Uh  so it really is a science you know uh and that’s kind of uh what I’ve been focusing on. Its almost like more of a more of an approach you know like smart training.

Eric: And how do people find you at at at Tough Love? 

Joey: You know right now we’re busy redoing the website so toughloveconyc.com would be that would be where where you’d be going to. Otherwise you can reach out to me at joey@touchloveconyc.com

Eric: Well alright. And they can come and train with you personally?

Joey: 100% yup yup. I do I do a lot of in home private training. Uh I uh I have a studio in Green Point Brooklyn as well, on West Street, 67 West Street so. They can reach out to me

Ron: I just want to throw in after the show, Eric and I are going to have a few lion teas with vodka


Erica: Just a little vodka or gin whatever you recommend we mix in there

Joey: Yeah funnily enough there are some interesting mixes you can get in there you know 


Eric: That’s a whole other show I’m sure. Alright well Joey credit or blame to you lion tea and Tough Love Co NYC uh for giving Ron all of his energy on The Energy Show. Thanks for stopping by and uh uh having a chat

Joey: No worries, thanks for having me

Eric: Um so you know Ron as we as we’re wrapping up you know this hour again we’ve talked an awful lot this hour about fueling your business, about making sure that you’re business runs efficiently. That you have the energy to run your business and I I think business owners still don’t really realize because of all the cacophony of noise of all of these solar scams, these energy scams that they have out there, what the true advantage is to solar and how it was really designed to work. 

Ron: Solar is is to me one of the greatest investments that you can get in your property, your building. You know there’s so many scams they’re taking things from you. Uh I think for building owners to really understand its an investment in your building. You’re investing in your building. You’re you’re upgrading your building. You have a whole new source of revenue in your building. Uh are our and there’s so many companies out there and they’re not thinking about solar or selling solar commercial solar and getting into it. There’s I think this is where there’s getting to be a bad rap more and more in the industry. People like me with my background in electrical design and commercial building design, its huge for for builders, for developers, for store owners, for high consumers of electricity. You know there’s you know as you heard earlier here today is um one of the biggest uh roofing manufacturers, commercial roofing manufacturers you know so when you combine all this. People never want to do a commercial roof. You’re getting your money back for your roof in 1 year. You got a whole new electrical system. But what regular developers need to know that just are really into their warehouses or whatever, we’re increasing your uh square foot price. It blows your mind. My first job we tried tried 160,000 sq. foot warehouse we tried to get the owner to understand we had to speak to his attorneys who aren’t the right people. My head its its really the accountants. The accountants were really kind of for it and what my accountants said their accountant and to their father of this huge company is think about it this way – if your building is empty you’re a $1 a square foot with an empty building. This is what they researched. This is what they looked at. Once again if you use Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions we take care of maintenance we take care of all the products, everything for 20 year there is nothing you have to touch. So you its just like renting your building like a triple net lease. You got us. You don’t have to touch anything. Everythings done. You collect the money.

Eric: Yeah and unlike other so called solar companies, Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions you’re going to deal if your business if you’re a commercial owner if you own a warehouse, you’re going to deal directly with Ron. Ron’s going to come meet with you. He’s going to give you the big book of Ron. Everything is literally spelled out, word by word, line by line, and we challenge you to take it to your accountant. Look at the book look at what’s spelled out. Try to poke holes in it. You’re not going to be able to do it. 

Ron: It’s the the book is made for building owners. It stays the same since the day when solar came around. In the state of New Jersey and and its really there to prove it. I mean I hear people all the toughest thing in this industry that I see whether it’s a commercial job or residential job, which I’ll talk about soon, is that you don’t know what’s in that back. You know I had a uh commercial customer of mine, big guy, his father got solar and when I went through the lease he wanted me to show it to his attorney. One of the largest attorney’s in the state. If I had to sit with the attorney and explain to him what the lease is really so when he saw it he almost had a heart attack. He said this is unbelievable. So all these giant companies out there whether its commercial or residential, they have a way to scam you in a way you’ll never know. One of the things we do we we review every quote. We’ll review your customers our competitor’s quotes. If they if they’re better than us we’ll tell you go ahead and do it. Now you got and engineer you got an uh an accountant and you’ve got people seasoned in the industry to tell you what you’re really getting. But there’s a lot of hidden costs and a lot of ways to take your rebates. Our customers get it all. We don’t save you money, we make you money. You’re going to make a lot of money off your building.

Eric: Yeah its worth it to call 855-SUNNy the number 4 the letter u or http://advancedsolarnj.com/. Learn more, learn how solar is supposed to work and how it can truly revolutionize your business. This has been The Energy Show. Thanks for listening. 

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Benefits of Purchasing Solar Over Leasing

On episode 1 of “The Energy Show”, host Eric Scott sits down with the found and president of Advanced Energy and Solar Solutions, Ron Urban, to uncover the pitfalls of leasing a solar system, how the big companies are creating more costs for the customer, and where the tax incentives are really going.

Residential and commercial owners alike are being approached by big solar corporations to lease systems, but the benefits this renewable energy production has to offer are being wiped out. Ron is telling people to run away. Runaway from these giants and if you truly want your solar system to benefit you or your business then solar companies in NJ offer you the best deals.

When it comes to adding a solar system to your home or business you need to understand what you are getting into. If done correctly, adding this system can reduce your electricity bill to 0, will pay for itself in 5 years or less, and can even become a new source of revenue. That’s money in your pocket every month.

To get these benefits though you must be aware of how to obtain your system. Leases will wipe out these benefits while purchasing the system is the key to profits. Don’t let the sticker price of a purchase shock you for it will save you from the pitfalls of leasing as we discuss below.

Lease theft

The large solar contractors out there today approach customers with the promise of saving them money every month on their electric bill. This part may be true but the lease they hand over for you to sign is one that takes away the rest of the benefits of having a solar system.

Ron explains the lease as a complicated document that the salesmen won’t even answer questions about because they have not been trained or educated on what their system actually provides. Ron knows though. He started out as an electrical contractor and engineer before opening Advanced Energy and Solar Solutions at the turn of the century when solar started making it’s a big move, and has seen first hand what these leases do and don’t provide for a customer.

For starters, any system installed by the larger companies under a lease is owned by those companies. They have taken over your roof and any of the benefits you were supposed to gain from having a renewable energy source. Most leases are 20 years, meaning if you wish to move from your home you now have to sell the lease that is attached to it. This has created nightmares for realtors, and some won’t even be willing to represent you as a seller.

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Solar Facts about Solar farms in NJ

Solar fact: Energy from a solar farm feeds into the main grid

Energy is a hot topic and these days you will hear more and more about renewable energy sources, clean energy sources, climate change, solar power, solar farms and related topics. Before we discuss the topic of a solar farm is is probably a good idea to consider some solar facts. We all depend on a large degree to non-renewable energy sources such as oil and gas. Whether you live in Hamilton, Middletown, Point Pleasant, Red Bank, Spring Lake or Toms River, NJ, you will use a certain amount of oil and gas.

However these traditional energy sources wont last forever and have negative impact on the environment. This means humankind is slowly being forced to consider other energy sources such as solar energy. Understanding some solar facts is important if you want to consider solar power as an alternative energy source. The sun produces vast amounts of energy and has done so for billions of years. Even though solar energy can be harvested to generate electricity, the sun only shines during the day and some areas don’t receive enough sunlight for effective application.

In order to generate energy from sunlight we use solar panels and towers. If follows a solar farm is just a large scale version of this concept. A solar farm could potentially be a sustainable land use project. An interesting solar fact is that in most cases solar panels on your roof or on a solar farm is not for your direct use. There are practical and financial reasons for this. One reason that solar power and consumption don’t synchronize well. So it makes more sense for solar power to go into the main grid. You effectively sell the solar power you generate back to the energy companies.

By installing solar panels you become an energy generator. This means you are both a consumer and a producer. You pay for the energy you use and you get paid for the energy you generate. So solar panels don’t have to be on your roof or even on your property. By putting solar panels on a farm you can generate more energy and make more money. There is more space on a farm which means panels to be mounted on motorised towers that can effectively track the sun and maximize energy output.

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Residential Solar in Middletown, NJ

The 3 types of residential solar installations in and around NJ and how to mount them

The U.S. solar market has skyrocketed by 75% in the year 2012. Not ever has residential solar power been this much available to the households in the U.S. Installation of an average sized residential solar system in NJ usually takes not more than 24 hours. However, there are 3 main types of residential solar installations that make solar in Point Pleasant, Red Bank, Spring Lake and Toms River located in the state of NJ an affordable and safe investment.

Go Solar: The three types of residential solar systems available

• Solar power projects are grid connected with no batteries- The first and most common residential solar power system that connects your solar panel installation with the main electricity grid is called the grid connect system connected with no batteries. It enables you to bring energy back into the grid through your meter and be financially rewarded for it by your solar company.
• Grid connected with battery backup- The second most common residential solar system, known as a ‘Stand-Alone’ solar power system is generally used for residential properties located in the remote geographic areas where the cost of connecting the solar panel installation to the main grid is restrictive. The system charges a battery bank, which in turn is used to supply power to a residential property. A generator is usually kept available to provide support to the battery system.
• Off-grid residential solar power systems- Residential solar systems where people are not connected to the electricity grid rather creates, stores and use all their own power is known as off-grid residential solar power systems. They need to know about their exact requirement of solar power and also how much access they have to the solar resource (sun).

How to mount them?

Most residential solar electric systems are mounted directly to the roof of a building while some are mounted to a delicate framework on the ground.

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Residential Solar in Toms River and Red Bank, NJ

A solar company to help you with profitable residential solar solutions

We have all heard of the energy crisis and the need for clean and renewable energy sources. Energy from the sun is one possible solution and if you want to find out more it is a good idea to speak to the experts at a reputable solar company. Advanced Solar specialises in clean and renewable energy solution and is a green building systems developer in New Jersey. Solar energy offers the possibility of renewable and efficient energy alternative for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

When you deal with an accredited solar company you will find out about things such as energy efficiency, energy independence, eliminating electric and gas costs, increasing the value of your property and maximizing your return on investment.

If you are interested in energy independence, reducing your utility bills and increasing the value of your property while being kind to the environment, then you need to consider residential solar. As a New Jersey property owner you can take advantage of the suns energy by investing in residential solar solutions. In fact the state of New Jersey as well as the Federal Government wants you to do exactly that. By dealing with the right solar company and investing in residential solar you too can benefit from the generous solar incentives on offer. We are talking about incentive programs such as solar tax credits, solar renewable energy credits (SREC) and related incentives.

By investing in solar energy you reduce the demand on the national grid as well as traditional energy sources. Now is the opportunity to invest in green, clean and renewable energy that will reduce or eliminate e your current energy bills. You can also own your own solar solution which will provide you with a long-term return on investment while also increasing the value of your home.

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Solar panels and solar energy in Red Bank, Hamilton New Jersey could well be the solution to many worldly woes

We are all use to energy sources such as electricity and gas but when it comes to solar energy and solar panels most of us are somewhat ignorant. Advanced Solar is green systems developer that provides solar energy solutions for commercial, industrial and residential properties in New Jersey. So what can Advanced Solar do for you?

Firstly they will help to educate you regarding important facts related to solar panels and solar energy. They can show you solutions that eliminate most if not all of your utility bills related to electricity and gas. They can help you reduce maintenance costs, eliminate certain expenses and improve your profitability and bottom line.
There are many good reasons to consider solar panels and solar energy. Solar energy gives you security over energy. No big corporation owns the sun or the energy it provides. When you have solar panels installed you effectively own you own power and you subject the whims and weaknesses of the traditional energy suppliers or networks.

Solar power helps to combat global warning and climate change. Much of the tribulations in the world exist because of the phenomena of global warming and climate change. In the long run solar panels will also save you money as will not be a victim of increasing costs associated with electricity and gas.
Even when you live in areas with less sunshine you can still benefit from solar power. The main reason is that we tend to adapt our lives around sunshine – for example we are more active during the day when the sun is around.

There are many other aspects regarding the installation of solar panels, for example leasing vs buying options. Ownership of your solar panels will help reduce energy costs and can also earn you money through programs such as SREC. To learn more about this and other pros and cons of solar panels you should contact the team at Advanced Solar

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Spring Lake, Toms River NJ, Solar energy is a green and renewable energy source that can save you money

There are many benefits to solar energy including important environmental considerations. The world is crying out for renewable energy sources and the sun certainly is a true form or renewable energy. To learn more about the benefits of solar energy in New Jersey you should speak to the experts at Advanced Solar.

The first benefit is savings. Adding solar panels to your home, business or facility will save money on electricity bills. There are also special programs such as pay-as-you-go available that enable you to go solar without having to spend a lot of money upfront. However you can save more money and get a greater return on investment if you purchase and own your own solar panels. You can even finance your solar purchase with a home equity loan or mortgage. Generally the payback period is relatively short (5 – 10 years). S

Solar panels increase the value of your home as it represents a capital investment. In a similar way that homes with lower property taxes have an appeal, homes with solar panels will also appeal to a broad range of buyers.
There are also certain incentives such as Federal Solar Tax Credits that make it even more attractive to invest in solar energy. Other incentives such as Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) make investment in solar panels even more attractive.

Solar panels also generally have a long performance guarantee sometimes up to 25 years. Another powerful reason to invest in solar energy is that there are great benefits to the environment. Solar panels tap into a renewable energy source and also help to lower carbon. dioxide emissions which in turn will help to slow down global warming. Global warming is regarded as a threat to humankind.
Advanced Solar is green building systems developer and they can assist you with energy efficiency solutions.

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The Energy Show 26/11 - 2019 - On episode 2 of “The Energy Show”, host Eric Scott sits down with the founder and president of Advanced Energy and Solar Solutions, Ron Urban, to continue to educate you on how solar is supposed to work and how so much of the solar industry has been polluted by scammers. You can’t get something for […]
The Energy Show Ep. 3 Transcription 23/11 - 2019 - Eric: Welcome to The Energy Show with Ron Urban founder and president of Advanced Solar and Energy Solutions. Ron is one of the nations leading experts on energy efficiency and solar design and over the next hour we’re going to talk to you about how solar should really work and why so many so called […]
Benefits of Purchasing Solar Over Leasing 18/11 - 2019 - On episode 1 of “The Energy Show”, host Eric Scott sits down with the found and president of Advanced Energy and Solar Solutions, Ron Urban, to uncover the pitfalls of leasing a solar system, how the big companies are creating more costs for the customer, and where the tax incentives are really going. Residential and […]


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